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Bath toys – a fun activity to enhance bathing experience

Bathing is an immensely pleasurable activity for your child – whether he/she is in any stage of age. Both infants and toddlers love bathing. What if you can make this activity more fun for them? Their laughter and chuckle will also fill you with joy. You can make this activity more exuberant and entertaining by throwing in some colorful pieces from bath toy set into the bathtub while your little angle is enjoying the refreshing experience. You can easily buy these bath toys online at All for Kids.

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  • Bkids - Bathtime Dolphin Flute

    Make bath time even more fun with this cute tootin’ dolphin flute! Change the flute sounds or pitch by adjusting the water levels inside...

  • BKids - Dedee Cozy Temperature Tester

    Place dedee duck in your baby's bath water to test the temperature. Indicator glows when water exceeds 37°C. Ideal safety toy for bathing infants...

  • Bkids - Shoot 'n' Scoop Ocean Pals

    Little ones can shoot silly sea creatures into this whale-themed net attached to the bathtub wall. You can also convert the net so your child can scoop the creatures out of the water! Mix and match the tops and bottoms of...

  • Bkids - Splash 'n Slide Waterpark Wonder

    Bring the amusement waterpark to the bathtub! The floating water slide comes with 2 characters and a water scoop to feed the water wheel.

  • Bkids - Squishy Squirt Pals

    Little babies love bath time with these delightful squirting pals. It's just clean fun with these floating bathtub buddies!

  • Boon - Bubbles 10 Pce Bath Toy Set - Blue

    Bubbles: Their Only Imperfection Is A Short Life Span.Until now. These BUBBLES don't pop! Stick these bubble suction cups on each other and the bathtub, just like building blocks for the tub!Features: Suction cups attach...

  • Boon - Bubbles 10 Pce Bath Toy Set - Magenta

    Bubbles: Their Only Imperfection Is A Short Life Span.Until now. These BUBBLES don't pop! Stick these bubble suction cups on each other and the bathtub, just like building blocks for the tub!Features: Suction cups attach...

  • Boon - Cast Fishing Pole - Tangerine / Multicolour

    One Try And They'll Be Hooked.Need a little bath-time bait? CAST is so much fun they won't want to leave the tub. The working pole features fishing line that reels in and weighted hooks they can use to snag whatever's...

  • Boon - Cogs

    Powered By Water. And Imagination.Gears + oil = a mess. Gears + water = hours of bath time fun. COGS suction to the bath walls and spin when water is poured over them. Positioned just right, they work like a fine-tuned...

  • Boon - Creature Cups

    Create Any Fish You Wish.Surfs up in the bathtub! Fill them up. Pour them out. Watch the water trickle out the tiny holes on their sea creature heads. Mix and match their parts to create new underwater species. Bonus:...

  • Boon - Dive Bath Tub Appliques

    Fish Out Of Water!To turn your tub into a deep sea adventure, just get these appliques wet, slap them on and pull them down when you want to change the scene. And no need to fear mold or mildew. These don't absorb water, so...

  • Boon - Fleet Stacking Boats - Multicolor

    No Landlubbers Allowed.Plastic-ware in the tub is all well and good until it comes time to pack up that leftover meatloaf. Instead, we recommend FLEET, a set of five stackable boats that satisfy every child's insatiable...

  • Boon - Frog Pod

    The Boon frog pod is a super star of bath toy storage. It's drainable scoop lets you gather and rinse toys, which helps prevent scum and mildew issues. The wall-mounted base, with built-in shelf, holds all your essential...

  • Boon - Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys

    This Toy Sucks.To the wall, that is. These tiny jellyfish will never sting—but they will use their suction cup tentacles to stick to all sorts of stuff including the aforementioned wall, the tub and even each other so...

  • Boon - Links Bath Tub Appliques

    Learning. Cleverly Disguised As Fun.Rub-a-dub-dub, let's use our brains in the tub! These 3D puzzles are more than just cute, They're great for problem solving and motor skill development. With a little ingenuity the shapes...

  • Boon - Marco Light Up Bath Toy

    Don’t Call Him Bob.Although he’s pretty darned good at it. MARCO loves to peek at you from just below the water line then take off on deep-sea missions where his water-activated color-changing light can guide the...

  • Boon - Odd Ducks 4 Pack Multicolour - Purple

    Not Your Average Rubber Ducky.Kids are all different shapes and sizes, shouldn't rubber ducks come that way too? Meet Slim, Bob, Jane and Squish. We're not trying to encourage a rubber ducky smackdown, but ODD DUCKS are...

  • Boon - Pipes - Multicolour

    Sorry About The Plumber's Crack.And you never thought leaky pipes could be fun. But our version makes bath time a scooping and pouring extravaganza. PIPES come in five shapes that can be used individually or put together to...

  • Boon - Scrubble - Kiwi / Blue / Tangerine

    For The Love Of Scrub.Let them play in the dirt, then put them in the bath and toss in SCRUBBLE. They will think it's fun. Kids can fill each bulb with water, squeeze it out or slide it all around like a soapy loofa. And we...

  • Boon - Water Bugs Tangerine Scoop
    $19.95 $17.95

    Catch Of The Day.Set these colorful insects free in the bath and watch your kids scoop them up as they glide across the water. Great for developing dexterity and an aptitude for Entomology. Encourages hand-eye...


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