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Gird List
  • Hape Bamboo Pallina
    $43.89 $39.95

      Can you remove a stick without dropping a ball? Easy does it!   Very young players can sort and count the sticks and balls. This beautiful game made from eco-friendly bamboo is a great addition to any school...

  • Hape Combino

    Use the transparent image overlays to complete the game board pictures. Experimenting with the images can bring a good laugh. Includes: 3 x game boards, 24 x transparent cards. For 1-3 players. Ages 4yrs+...

  • Hape Equate Game

    The objective of the game is to group tree fruit pins, dots, and number cards by the same value. Includes: 5 x game boards, 20 x number and pie chart cards, 55 x chips in 5 colours and 55 x tree “fruit” pins in 5...

  • Hape Find And Count Colours Game

    Explore the game board, count the colours, collect beads and compare results. The children find and count images on the game board based on the colour dots shown on the game strip. They keep track of the count of coloured...

  • Hape Listen To Clues

    A great game for teaching communication, listening skills, descriptive works, cooperation and teamwork. Children use their own words to guide one another in choosing the correct picture sequence. Includes: 4 x game strips,...

  • Hape Oppositions

    Through identifying opposites children will extend vocabulary, spot patterns, problem solve and learn sequencing. Includes: 20 x pairs of playing cards, and 1 x red card. Cards measure 7 H x 6cm W. For 2-4 players. Ages...

  • Hape Rainbow Bowl

    Flip the pins over and look through the spyglass end to see the world in a different way. Ages 3yrs+

  • Hape Resulta

    Put the three playing cards in order and see how the end results are made. Choose a set of three cards that belong together then place the cards in the order of what came first, second and third. Encourage the child to...

  • Hape Rings And Sticks 156 Pieces

    Using the colourful plastic shapes, copy the coloured outlines of the picture shown on the game card. Compare lengths and sizes of rings and sticks to see what fits. Includes blank cards for children to make their own...

  • Hape Shadow Game

    This resource will assist children to develop skills such as observation, shape recognition, exploring and contrasting. Children may also develop problem solving, reasoning and hypothesising. Includes: 4 x game boards, and...

  • Hape Story Lines

    Arrange the cards to complete the story about cause and effect. This game teaches visual perception of details, logical thinking and chronological story telling. Includes: 3 x themed game boards, each with four lines of...

  • Hape Theme Count Game

    The game boards and their matching playing cards are coded with symbols in the upper left hand corners. Organise the eight game playing cards along the top and bottom of the theme game board. The challenge is to match exact...

  • Hape Trio Contour

    This resource is unique in its ability to extend children's learning through developing sorting logic, visual memory and increasing vocabulary. Includes: 21 x image cards printed on both sides. For 1 player. Ages 4yrs+...

  • I'm Toy 2 In 1 Super Shooter
    $119.95 $99.95

    The amazing 2 in 1 Super Shooter features a pinball game on one side and a table hockey game on the other. Produced from sustainable rubberwood and finished with non-toxic paints. Age: 36+...

  • I'm Toy Flip Kick
    $90.90 $79.95

    The aim of Flipkick is to get the ball through the opponents goal. Start the game by releasing the ball through one of the side holes. Press the right or left flip kick buttons to either kick the ball forward or block...

  • I'm Toy Space Pinball
    $95.40 $84.95

    Fire the ball from the space rocket and use the 2 flippers to reach the highest score possible Activating the different functions such as the bell, cymbol, spinner and bouncer. Produced from sustainable rubber wood and...

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