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Gird List
  • BKids - Bebee's Ferris Wheel

    Babies will enjoy spinning the wheel around and around! Meanwhile, as the wheel spins, bebee and his friends will also whirl around on their seats! Your child will be dizzy with laughter by the rattling sounds and...

  • Classic Multi-Activity Punch Ball
    $47.95 $44.95

    A fun game about hitting the ball. Help the forest animals get inside. Learn finger flexibility and coordination.

  • Classic Shape Sorter (6 Blocks)
    $39.95 $36.95

    A colorful and multi-shaped learning toy. Uses 6 different shaped holes for kids to figure out the relationship with the pieces. Great for learning!

  • Hape Colour Croquet
    $43.89 $39.95

      Set up a maze of colorful tunnels. Use the mallet to tap the ball through each one.   Count how many times it takes to tap the ball through each tunnel.   Set up a maze of colourful tunnels. Use the...

  • Hape Creative Peg Puzzle
    $28.49 $24.95

      Grooved shapes and pegged posts add an extra dimension of challenge to this colorful puzzle.   Problem Solving: Introduces logic, matching, spatial relationships, critical thinking, and an understanding of cause...

  • Hape Eggspressions 13 Pieces

    A fun and funny way to help children learn to identify and express their feelings with Hape Eggspressions. Story book included. Each egg with stand measures 7.5 H x 5cm d. Book measures 10.5 H x 10.5cm W. Ages...

  • Hape First Pounder

    Nothing's more fun than hammering these pegs through the holes - except flipping them over and doing it again.   Name the colors of each peg. Count how many times it takes to pound the peg through the hole. Use words...

  • Hape Shake 'n' Match Shape Sorter

      Bead-filled blocks add a new dimension of play to this multi-tasking shape sorter.   Shake a block. Ask your child to imitate the sounds you made with his or her own block.   Classic 6-sided wood shape...

  • Hape Snail Pull and Play Shape Sorter
    $49.95 $44.95

    A multi-functional snail that offers a whole lot of fun. This quality made Hape Pull and Play Sorter is made from wood and water-based paints. Bright and colourful, the shape sorter shell holds all the included wooden blocks...

  • Hape Take-Along Activity Box
    $64.95 $44.95

      This 5-sided activity box has moving gears, balls, blocks, and a maze, plus colors, motion, and a mirror to reflect your child's smile.   Name the animals on each side of the box. Where does each one...

  • I'm Toy Cow Geo Sorter
    $34.10 $29.95

    Cow Geo Sorter is an educational toy designed to teach children about, colors, shapes and patterns. Produced from sustainable rubber wood and finished with non toxic paint Age: 19+Mths Dimension: 15 x 17 X 11...

  • I'm Toy Garden Sorter And Roller
    $45.40 $39.95

    The Garden Sorter and Roller features shape sorting, shape matching and maze functions. Produced from sustainable rubber wood and finished with non toxic paint. Age: 12+ Mths Dimension: 17 X 17 X 16...

  • I'm Toy Sort And Count City
    $43.60 $39.95

    Sort and Count City. The amazing sort and count city, will help develop childrens mental skills. The toy features lacing, sorting and counting functions. The vehicles can also be used separately. Produced from...

  • Artiwood Sort N Lace Caterpillar

    Sort N Lace Caterpillar. Children will love this colorful caterpillar. Your child will learn to count either by colours or by stacking the rings up. Each ring, likewise the caterpillar's head, becomes a bead if diverts...

  • SKIP HOP Alphabet Zoo Nesting Animal Puzzle
    $29.95 $24.95

    The perfect first puzzle for little ones!Build a tree by perching three wooden raised pieces atop oneanother. This simple developmental activity engages baby with brightcolors and a friendly owl. AGES 19m+ Chunky pieces are...

  • SKIP HOP Treetop Nesting Tree Puzzle
    $29.95 $24.95

    The perfect ?rst puzzle for little ones!Build a tree by perching three woodenraised pieces atop one another. This simple developmental activity engages baby with bright colors and a friendly owl. AGES 19m+ Chunky pieces are...

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