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Gird List
  • BioSerie - 2-in-1 Stacker

    This clever stacker can be constructed in many different ways. The base piece can be switched from a secure flat base to a rocking position. The stacking layers can be added in and out of sequence with alternating sides up...

  • BioSerie - Shape sorting and stacking cube

    This toy is great to allow for successes at every age. A young baby can learn to fit the three pieces into the bigger, square shaped hole. A bit later, he/she will be able to match the square, round and triangle shapes with...

  • Bkids - Rock N Stack Rings

    Various colourful rings of different sizes and shapes make for hours of stacking fun fro infants.Wonderful textured ring surface promtes tactile stimulation and ting arrangement encourages logical thinking. Great for outdoor...

  • Hape Double Rainbow Stacker

      Two shapes and nine colors create endless possibilities for stacking and sorting.   Create a color pattern using one shape. Let your child create the same pattern with the other shape. Wooden blossom and star...

  • Hape Little Pounder

    The lightweight triangle-shaped pounding bench has three openings for three round pegs. Allows for easy turn over to pound away again. Modern design. Includes hammer. Measures 18 H x 16 W x 12cm D. Ages 12mths+...

  • Hape Stack and Swivel Clown

      This funny-face clown gently rocks, easily stacks, and always makes kids smile.   Encourage stacking the rings from biggest to smallest. Then try from smallest to biggest. A friendly clown with hat and...

  • Hape Stacking Veggie Game
    $43.89 $39.95

    For younger players,use half the pieces to build a smaller tower. Can you pick out a veggie without toppling the tower? It's not as easy as you think! Made from wood and water based paints. Ages:...

  • Hape Super Moose

    Help the friendly moose grow his antlers one by one. A game of balance and coordination. Made from bamboo and water-based paints. For 2 players. Ages 3yrs+...

  • Hape Twist and Turnables
    $19.69 $17.95

    These blocks give construction a new twist with screw-together shapes that won’t come tumbling down. Fine Motor Skills: Promotes dexterity, hand/eye coordinations, and manipulations. Problem Solving: Introduces logic,...

  • I'm Toy 5 Activity Stackers
    $63.60 $54.95

    5 Activity Stackers. A multi-learning toy features 5 sequential-sized boxes. Children can play safe mirror, shape sorting, lacing, bead sliding, disc spinning, washboard scratching, belt buckling, hard buttoning, soft...

  • I'm Toy Stacking Cow
    $27.20 $24.95

    Stacking Cow is an educational toy designed to develop hand-eye co-ordination and physical skills. Produced from sustainable rubber wood and finished with non toxic paint. Age: 19+Mths Dimension: 5 X 12 X 16...

  • Micki Stacking Owl - Pastel

    Putting the right shape in the right hole is an exciting challenge for tiny hands – watch the concentration on that face! The sorting box is a classic, wooden toy from Micki Leksaker. The sorting box comes with six...

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