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Gird List
  • Classic Toolbench 37pcs

    There are various tools in the workshop, such as hammer, wrench, pliers, etc. Children get familiar with their abilities through their own practice and learn different tools...

  • Classic world 110 pcs Wooden Train Set
    $130.95 $119.95

    This is track that can be assembled, including a functional lift, and overhead crane used for construction. It vividly presents the scenario of a busy construction site port. It enables children to understand the flow of...

  • Classic 75pcs Wooden Train Set
    $99.95 $79.95

    This is track that can be assembled, including a functional lift, and overhead crane used for construction. It vividly presents the scenario of a busy construction site port. It enables children to understand the flow of...

  • Hape Automatic Gates Rail Crossing

    Keep toy cars, trucks, and pedestrians safe when a train rumbles through town with this automated railway crossing. Children will become aware of the importance of rail safety as they make rules and role play stop and go at...

  • Hape Automatic Train Bell Signal

    This automatic signal can be connected to the tracks so that the bell rings as the train approaches the bend, or it can be rung loud and proud as a separate piece. This resource simulates real life situations that promote...

  • Hape Battery Powered Engine No 1

    This little engine chugs along with a lamp lighting the way. A touch of a button puts this little engine in reverse! A great resource to explore engineering and electricity through discovering what makes the train move. Made...

  • Hape Battery Powered Engine No 1

    After a long day chugging and whistling along, give your train engines a break. By placing trains in the shed children will ponder mathematical questions such as, how many trains will fit. Are they too tall? Made of Wood...

  • Hape Deep Jungle Track Pack

    Adventure into the jungle with these themed train tracks! Adding pieces to your collection encourage children to further plan and develop their ideas. Made of Wood. Ages 18mths+

  • Hape Double Loop Railway Set

    Build a complete Hape Railway from the ground up complete with bridges, curves and station! The Hape Double Loop Railway Set promotes communication and language development through print on signage and challenges thinking...

  • Hape Extended Double Suspension Bridge

    Bridge the gaps in your railroad with a double suspension bridge of grand proportions! Adding this bridge to your collection will allow for creative thinking and problem solving of how it will fit into your existing...

  • Hape Figure Eight Railway Set

    Over the bridge and through the woods your little train engines go around this figure eight train track! Children will problem solve and explore engineering and mathematical concepts while putting their track together. Made...

  • Hape Double Loop Railway Set

    Build a railway through a forest wonderland complete with trees, tunnels, a bridge, and wildlife! Children will plan and be flexible in their creations as they solve what pieces will fit and work best together. Made of Wood...

  • Hape High & Low Railway Set

    Twisting, climbing, winding! These speedy trains are ready to take on any challenge. Building this high and low track promotes use of trial an error and problem solving as children attempt to join the track pieces that fit...

  • Hape Jungle Journey Train

    Rumble through the jungle on a rail adventure with three wonderfully wild jungle buddies! Children will experiment with manipulation and motion as they play with the Hape Jungle Journey Train. Made of Wood. Ages...

  • Hape Jungle Play & Train Activity Table

    Adventure awaits on this knee-high table from the forest floor to the jungle canopy tree-tops! Children can develop mathematical awareness, language and fine motor control all through engaging with the Hape Jungle Play &...

  • Hape Jungle Train Journey Set

    Adventurous little engineers can guide their train on a journey through the steamy, green rainforest tunnel of this jungle set! This set will expose young children to physics concepts such as magnetism and motion. Made of...

  • Hape Lucky Ladybug and FriendsTrain

    Buzz, flutter, and bumble along to the next destination. Children can further develop their senses through the rattle and material attached to the Lucky Ladybug and her friends. Made of Wood. Ages 18mths+

  • Hape Monkey Pop-Up Track

    Three monkeys hide in the jungle watch as they hop out just as the banana car passes! A fun way to explore cause and effect. Made of Wood. Ages: 18mths+

  • Hape Rainbow Track Pack

    Suitable for use individually or fully compatible with other popular railway sets. Made of Wood. Ages 18mths+

  • Hape Record Listen & Light Railway Station

    Through recording their voice children can transfer and adapt what they have learnt from real world situations about communication and traffic rules. Made of Wood. Requires 2 AAA Batteries. Not included. Ages 3yrs+


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