5 Benefits of Breast Feeding Chair

01/03/2018 4:08 PM

Breastfeeding is an essential aspect of caring for an infant, as milk from the mother contains the essential antibodies that the baby needs for increased immunity and reduced risk of developing allergies and asthma. If you are a new mother and you want to breastfeed your baby, consider getting a breast feeding chair to keep yourself comfortable and relaxed. Also known as the ‘nursing chair’, ‘glider chair’ or ‘baby rocking chair,’ this type of furniture provides many benefits for both the mother and the child.


  • Stay comfortable while feeding – Determining a comfortable position for breastfeeding can be challenging for some mothers. In some cases, a position may be comfortable for you but not for your baby. A breast feeding chair seeks to remedy that by ensuring that both mother and the infant are in the right positions and are comfortable.


  • Create a routine – With a breast feeding chair, you can help your baby be accustomed to a mealtime routine. Babies typically get a sense of routines and can associate feeding in a comfortable and calm environment in the nursery. This may help the baby become more comfortable to sleep on his own when he is older.


  • Lull your baby to sleep – The soothing gliding or rocking motion of the chair may help calm restless babies and help them sleep better.


  • Convenient – A well-designed breast feeding chair is specifically made with storage pockets for storing certain items, like burp cloths, water bottles, breast pads, bibs, and other essentials. This way, you do not have to get up to get something while feeding your infant.


  • Avoid aches and pains - High-quality chairs for breastfeeding can support the mother’s back to minimise her risk of lower back pain and developing bad posture. Moreover, the chair may reduce chances of swollen ankles and feet. Some breastfeeding chairs come with a foot stool, so you can prop your feet up on it as you feed your baby.
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