Babyhood Dormire Portacot - The Best Portable Cot

04/04/2018 5:19 PM

When it comes to portable cots, it’s always prudent to choose trusted products like the Babyhood Dormire Portacot. It is a two-in-one portable cot bed manufactured and tested to the AS/NZS 2195:2010 requirements for folding cots, making it a safe product for infants. Choice Magazine has named it the ‘number 1 portable/travel cot’, and for the following good reasons that may convince you to get one for your own child:


  • Stylish and lightweight – One of the most important qualities that a portable cot bed should have is the portability, which is possible when it is lightweight and compact. Babyhood Dormire Portacot fits the description, and it comes with a stylish design, which neither too loud nor too minimalist, so you do not have to feel self-conscious about carrying it with you. There is a carry bag, too, and it has a space for the cot’s wheels to pop out, so you can easily pull it with you.
  • Flexible – You can zip up the Bambino Dormire up to the bassinet level for convenience or use it only with the portacot level. Rest assured, the zipper bassinet system is unique and patented, and designed to enable the easy assembly of the bassinet area without the need for poles and other components that will require you to exert more effort to set up.
  • Comfortable and secure – Fully mesh sides around the portable cot bed ensure breathability and visibility. So, parents and guardians can easily keep an eye on the infant, and the baby itself will not feel uncomfortable and stuffy while in the cot. Wheels are easy to manoeuvre and can be locked in place. A multiple independent locking system is present on the base and all sides of Babyhood Dormire for extra security, in case other kids and toddlers are around.
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