Nursery Glider Chair - Add Versatility to Your Kidƒ??s Room

26/03/2018 4:49 PM

The rocking chair or a glider can be an essential piece of furniture to add to your baby’s nursery. It can help you rock your child to sleep and may help you relax while feeding your baby. It also provides a comfortable place for you to lounge while looking after your infant or reading your child a bedtime story, too. A high-quality nursery glider chair is also a versatile piece of furniture that you can move to another part of your home when child has outgrown the nursery. Here are a few tips to help pick the perfect nursery rocking chair or glider:


  • Know the difference – Most of us already know what a rocking chair is, and its movement is what sets it apart from gliders. Nursery glider chair moves with a back-and-forth motion in a smoother, gliding motion. There is no right or wrong chair to choose for your kid’s room, as long as you are comfortable and you can enjoy sitting on it.


  • Choose a colour that you like – Most rocking chairs come in neutral and traditional hues, such as wood and earth tones, but there are contemporary and trendy versions that are stylish and could compliment the décor of a child’s room. In any case, make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing to you.


  • Make sure it is comfortable – You could sit for hours on a nursery glider chair, so make sure that it will not give you any aches or pains. Look for one with ergonomic features or cushions. Some rocking chairs offer the option to have removable cushions placed on them. Otherwise, you can simply go for one that already comes with removable cushions, so you can remove them and have them cleaned when necessary. Consider cushions that match your child’s bedding or linen for a consistent look in the nursery.


  • Take note of safety features – It is important for either the nursery rocking chair or glider to have a locking mechanism that will prevent the furniture from snagging or capturing clothing or hands. Moreover, its structure should be stable to prevent tipping or toppling over.
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