Pamper Your Child Easily with Nappy Changing Table

04/05/2018 8:14 PM

Are you a new parent? Then it’s time to prepare yourself—and the nursery—for some serious diaper changing. It may be a good idea to invest in a nappy changing table to make the job easier and more hygienic.

Newborn babies typically need at least 10 diaper changes daily because they can have three to four bowel movements a day. As they age, the amount of diaper use per day decreases to six. Imagine that—six to 10 diaper changes every day for the first year!  A nappy changing table can certainly make diaper changing time a lot less stressful. This type of furniture is designed to help both the parent and the baby.

Failing to change the baby’s diaper regularly can have dramatic consequences. Bacteria may accumulate and cause different sicknesses and diseases. One common illness caused by not changing diapers right away is UTI or urinary tract infection. Rashes can also result from failing to swap diapers on time.

A study, hygienic, and dedicated nappy changing table for babies can be a lifesaver. It gives you and your baby a comfortable area to change diapers. There are no sharp edges so you never have to worry about accidental scratches and injuries. The changing pads are easy to swap out and wash. You can get a standalone nappy table or a drawer chest set that has a changing table on top. The latter is a practical choice because it functions two ways while giving you quick access to your child’s clothes and supplies.

Some of the best nappy changing tables are also ergonomically designed for that parent so that diaper changing doesn’t put stress on the back. A proper table also allows you to quickly change the diapers and clean your baby so that he or she can go back to sleep right away.

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