The Benefits of Safety 1st Digital Thermometer

18/04/2018 10:00 AM

Babies can get fever anytime, and you want to be prepared when it happens. Make sure that you have your Safety 1st Digital Thermometer ready. Why do most parents trust Safety 1st in providing them with reliable temperature reading?

Easy to use

Children tend to be restless when they feel unwell, making it difficult to get their temperature. Luckily, 3-in-1 Safety 1st digital thermometers can be used orally, rectally, or under the arms. They also come with long-life batteries.

Soft tip

Traditional thermometers have hard tips that can be very uncomfortable for a baby or a toddler. Safety 1st digital thermometers come with soft tips for ease of use.

Makes a sound when ready

Safety 1st makes use of the latest technology to sense the slightest differences in temperature. The digital thermometer creates an audible beeping sound to notify you that the reading is ready, so there is no guessing game.

Protective case

Safety 1st digital thermometers come with a protective case to prolong the life of the product. You can just place it in any bag without worrying about its damage, because the sturdy case can protect it from scratches, pressure, or impact.

Auto shut off

Digital thermometers from Safety 1st shut off automatically when not in use. This conserves the battery and ensures the thermometer’s readiness during emergencies.

One button

Safety 1st products are very easy to use—there is only one button to switch them on and off.

LCD monitor

The simple LCD monitor gives a clear temperature reading that you can read even in lower-light conditions.

Fast and accurate

It takes only around 30 seconds for a Safety 1st thermometer to measure a child’s body temperature. You can immediately tell if your child has a fever and whether he or she needs to be brought to the hospital for treatment.


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