Tips To Choosing The Right Cot For Your Baby

14/07/2017 10:00 AM

Baby cot- the most upgraded form of baby sleeping needs

While it is the dream of every parent to have a little bundle of joy in their family, it also becomes essential to give the best of comfort and convenience to these tiny treasures, for their well-being. Though eating and playing activities help them grow efficiently, the amount of sleep that they get is what matters the most, for their personality development and behavior. Unlike us adults, these little ones do not possess the capability of taking care of themselves, which is why, as parents it becomes essential for you to carefully choose appropriate furniture and equipments that affect their development and wellness.

Speaking about the importance of good sleep, a baby that lacks sound sleep is meant to develop improper eating habits, display cranky behavior and also fall sick often. Considering the prominence of sleep, it is always advised to choose the best baby cot for your little ones sleeping benefits. As the saying goes “sleep like a baby”, it is seldom true that a baby’s sleep is referred to as the best sleep, however choosing the right baby cot is what will keep the saying going.

Baby cots, then and now

Gone past are the days when babies used to be tied to cloth cradles to be put to sleep, as with changing times the sleeping needs of a baby have taken a luxurious transformation. The evolution of modern-times baby cot has made parenting easier, while has also contributed widely to give the little bundles of joy a restful sleeping experience. The recent times have also eased your task of hunting for baby cots in the market, as you can now switch to buying baby cot online.

How to choose the apt sleeping cot for your baby?

Though the availability of baby cot options in the market is huge, it is important to analyse the features that they are equipped with along with the benefits they offer.

To help you arrive at an appropriate choice, we have gathered some fruitful information that might serve as a boon to efficient baby cot shopping.

Sturdy - Always ensure the baby cot is built with extreme sturdiness, as such it should be well equipped with strong edges and base and must have no cracked or broken slats, sharp edges or points. Since the baby cot will be used for considerable amount of time, bearing the physical changes of the baby growth aspects, it needs to be well-equipped, to withstand the playful acts of the baby.

Well-aligned bars - Choose a cot that has evenly aligned bars with no much gap in-between, as your baby might tend to squeeze in their hands to drop or pick toys and might land up hurt themselves in the process. Too much of gap might also carry high risks of the baby sliding its head in-between while sleeping.

Size - it might be a debatable topic on what size of a baby cot must you let your toddler rest in. Few of them might have a perspective of the cot not being useful for long enough (as the baby might grow up and not find the cot useful to fit in). These individuals might prefer a cot that is not massive in size. While those who wish to spend more even for a lesser time will prefer a huge baby cot without thinking much about money or space consumption.

To be precise, a baby cot will have to be of minimum size and dimensions to facilitate comfortable sleeping and playing time for the baby. As an extremely small cot might hinder the quality sleep of a baby and also not give it enough room for their playing activities.

With or without drop sides - the latest form of customization has made way to the invention of baby cots with or without side drops. A cot with drop side facilitates easy parenting in terms of carrying your baby in and out of the cot. This might also turn out to be risky when the baby grows a little older, where he/ she will be able to operate the sides on their own, pertaining to the risks of falling. If a cot is being purchased with a motive of retaining it for a while even after the baby grows, then it would be advisable to opt for the one with fixed sides, as safety comes first and parenting convenience next.

Height - Thanks to the developments that have taken place in the field of baby needs, the baby cots have now been designed with adjustable height features. The beauty of this that you will be able to adjust the height of the cot to stand taller in the first few month, to facilitate easy parenting and bring the height low at a later stage of baby growth, to ensure your baby stays close to the ground level. You could conveniently opt for one that is made with adjustable height features, while buying baby cots online.

Portable - You could choose a cot that comes with mounted wheels, so that you could move the cot to convenient places, like your own room in case you wish to keep an eye on your little one. This also facilitates easy cleaning on the floor where the cot is placed, thereby contributing to the better health of the toddler.

Baby safety, the prime motto of owning a baby cot

Besides these criteria, you could also choose various cot styles that match the theme of the baby’s room, your set budget for baby needs and also based on necessity or convenience, as a lot of beds these days come with additional facilities of in-built baby essentials storage space, functionality of being able to be transformed into a toddler bed and much more. Though the choice differs from one parent to another, it is true that ultimately it all narrows down to baby safety. So choose the best for your little treasure to give them a wonderful nursing experience.

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