Top 5 nursery decorating tips

14/07/2017 10:00 AM

Suggested Title - 5 ways to make baby nursery decoration fun and easy

Baby nursery - a joy of parenting

The whole excitement of welcoming a new member in the family is unbeatable, while the curiosity of having a baby girl or baby boy builds up with nearing time. To give the best of available facilities and comfort for the toddler, parents begin to plan the ways and means of welcoming the little bundle of joy. It is indeed a boon that with creative ideas, you can find equally fascinating baby nursery decorative that complement your ideas.

The art of parenting need not be mastered by anyone, as it is but natural, for the going to be parents to think of the best for their little ones. What color will I paint the baby room in? Will adding lot of furniture cause clumsiness in the room? Will I be able to retain the décor to match the growing needs of the baby? These are the obvious set of questions that appear in any parent’s mind, while planning a baby nursery room décor.

5 tips that will help you plan your nursery decorations

The below listed information could help you plan nursery decoration with high-efficiency and also give your little treasures a wonderful place of their own.

Ideate with creativity and practicality - It may be every parents dream to design a baby nursery room with the most unusual ideas and elements of décor. However, while trying hard to bring in uniqueness into a room, most of the parents land up copying ideas or cluttering the place with too many items, making the place look stuffy and overfilled. It is important to limit your creativity to simplicity and uniqueness, as your personalised ideas will make the room much favorable for both you are your kids.

It is also important to design the place with a lot of practicality, which means all the ideas that you have will need to be analyzed carefully to check if they can be practically implemented. You might want to fill the baby nursery room with stars and cartoons, while this might be apt for toddlers, it might also die out with passing time. Your kids might grow older and might not favor a set up like that anymore, which will again call in for additional task of re-decorating the whole place. Hence bear in mind to plan and decorate the baby room with ideas and items that will serve good for years to come.

Get the right nursery furniture - a nursery décor will majorly depend on the type of furniture you choose to store in your baby’s room. The crib, baby chair, baby cupboard, baby drawer and other furniture needs, will need to be planned appropriately to match the theme and also suffice the need of storing essentials. The choice of furniture will also have to made post considerations of safety measures of the little ones, while also not stuff the room with excess furniture that will look more in number, compared to the items that are to be stored. You could plan smartly by measuring the required furniture size while decorating the nursery room and get it custom-made to match the needs.

Parallelly while you are selecting the right furniture for baby nursery, it is also wise to find yourself an appropriate rocking chair that can fit into the room. This chair can be used for watching over your toddler and also relaxing, staying close to the little one.

Lighting and colors - It is indeed exciting to welcome the little bundle of joy into the family, what also matters is setting up the nursery room with perfect lighting and subtle colors. A lighting that is too bright might hit the eye and lead to difficulties in putting your baby to sleep. While ultra-bright colors may darken the appearance of room and hinder the need of retaining natural brightness for a baby’s room.

You could also put up colorful wallpapers, wall hangings and frames that will depict personalised elements in the room. Adding a personal touch to the nursery room will help you retain the look and feel of the room even when your baby grows up.

Consider safety in all aspects - anything you add as an element of décor must and should pass the standards of set safety concerns. It might be important to create a unique set up for the new- born, however lack of safety will always lead to risks of harmful incidents.

The entire baby nursery decorating process should start with analyzing the safety needs of the room such as, ensuring the furniture does not have sharply edges, the paints and other décor elements have no harmful toxics and much more. It would also be wise to shop for nursery furniture that follows strict Australian standards.

Discuss to gather more information - though you might have a lot of ideas in mind to specially design your baby room, it would have a positive outcome when you discuss and choose the best of the choices available. You could speak to some of the experienced parents who have gone through the entire planning and implementation process, as they would be able to guide you through what is right and what could not be wise to do.

When you gather ideas, you get a clear picture of do’s and don’ts, post which baby nursery decoration becomes an easy task.

Create a little fantasy world for your lovable treasures

Planning, implementing and reviewing the outcome would be the 3 definite stages of your baby nursery decorating process. You might also come across scenarios where you might feel you wish to change something at the last minute. In such cases, you will only be able to change of lighter décor and not heavier additions like nursery furniture. Hence choose wisely, as to what you wish to add to beautify your little treasures room with.

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