Transitioning your Nursery into a beautifully functional Child's room

17/11/2017 12:42 PM


As our children begin to grow and develop into fascinating little people, it can be difficult to know how to transition with them. A toddler is a far cry from the tiny infant that had slept next to your bed for months. Even a preschool age child is vastly different from who they were only a year before. Children change so quickly, and this is why it’s important to design a room that can keep up with them. A child’s room is the place where they go to play and to learn. They need to feel safe here while still having enough room to explore. In addition to your child’s needs, the room also needs to contain all of their belongings. This balance of fun and functionality can be very difficult to strike.

Fortunately, there are so many options for redecorating and reevaluating your children’s space. This can come in the form of convertible cribs to brand-new options for expanding storage. Any parent will tell you that is the one thing that they just have too little of. Every child’s room needs adequate storage in order to stay tidy. Kids aren’t exactly organized, and telling them to clean up is a lost cause. They may be good at picking things up and putting them in toy boxes, but if you don’t have enough toy boxes you’ll end up with a big mess. Ample and diverse storage is really the key to organization in a child’s room.

Even if you’re working with a small space, there are ways to incorporate all of your needs. One of the best assets is furniture that serves a dual purpose. We’ve all seen those loft beds that have the creative play areas underneath of them. This is a great way to give your child a special sleeping area while still providing them with the place to let their imagination run wild. When shopping for kid’s furniture, consider the size of the pieces compared to their usefulness. A large elaborate bed may be absolutely gorgeous, but if it cuts their play area in half then it may not be right for that particular room.

This is also the perfect time to develop the style a little bit more. The pastels that we generally associate with infants may not be appropriate anymore. Involve your child, and see what types of colors they would pick. This entire process can be a lot of fun, and allow you a special bonding time.

Consider getting rid of things like changing tables and infant toys that may clutter up the room. If you have an independent little one, try looking for a chest of drawers that’s a bit lower to the ground. This will allow them to choose outfits and to start learning more about their environment.

Many people have started exploring recessed shelving as a way to store kids’ toys. This involves cutting into the wall slightly in order to place shelving or storage units all the way around the room. This gives your child plenty of places to put things without infringing on the actual space. This can be a really neat design when it’s done correctly, but don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Keep in mind that your child is going to continue to change very quickly. Don’t make any major changes to the structure of the room that the child isn’t going to like in just a few years. Things like paint and furniture are easy to exchange, but a top to bottom princess theme might be harder to cover up.

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