Why Do Kids Of Every Age Group Love Plush Toys?

14/07/2017 10:00 AM

That cuddly bubbly stuffed baby bear is the beloved of 6 years old Zara. The bear accompanies her to most of the places - the garden, the living room, the play area and where not - everywhere possible! What made her feel so affectionate to this cute little dummy creature?

Not only Zara, most of the kids on this planet are in love with their plush toys. Kids’ stores, super markets or other stores are packed with them. Adults may consider this affinity of kids to the plush toys due to the cute, fluffy and soft nature of these toys, but, there lies a higher potential inside this kinship. Kids at all ages adore these toys, sometimes even getting involved with the same loving plush toy for many years. Stuffed toys are the kids’ best friends for many other reasons:

The listening buddy:

Kids of every age love talking. Their chit-chat never ends. Nothing can beat the sheer happiness of having a friend who can listen to all the ups and downs that happened with the kid throughout the day. Even the introvert kids feel comfortable speaking to these plush toys. After all they don’t spread out their secrets of little pranks, do not tease or scold them and stand by them in every situation.

The fluffy friend:

According to scientific research, these plush toys reduce the separation anxiety among kids. They tend to provide a company to them and encourage the kids for being independent and self-reliant. Whenever they feel scared, their plush toys are there to give the warmth of cuddling and lovingness. They feel protected and secure. Nothing else chases away the blues like a squishy and warm hug from the friend who listen to all the stories of a kids’ life (and even grown ups’ too). Moreover, kids never get hurt while playing with plush toys as these stuffed humanoids are the sweetest and most loving friends for the little ones.

The smiling source:

Children at any age need a friend who is always smiling, and plush toys are the perfect match! They are invulnerable to the letdowns of life. Those happy, cute, fuzzy faces make the world seem a nicer, brighter place; no matter how many times they are left alone or dropped or sat aloof; they always greet their owners with reassuring, positive, encouraging and heartwarming smiles. No matter what's happening in the kid’s life, whosoever is disappointed – daddy, mum or the teacher – the positive source – the stuffed friend – is never disappointed!

The emotional patron:

Everyone needs an emotional patron – especially the kids. Sometimes they cannot speak out all their feelings to their parents. These plush toys are humanoid and perfectly amenable. More than just child’s play, the kids’ interaction with their plush toys becomes an attachment and emotional bond to a non - living object. Kids often consider these plush toys as their security blanket, their presence make the kids feel safer which increase their confidence. These toys are someone whom they really like and easily get along with.

P.S. – If you are a parent, you should understand that your child’s love for her plush toy is natural. While it is her best friend, try to introduce your child to the living breathing friends. It is equally important for a child’s development. But in this attempt, do not try to disconnect them completely or all of a sudden from their best friends – the stuffed ones! Allow them to spend time with their plush animal friend and simultaneously introduce them to the outer world.

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