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  1. I'm Toy Cow Hammer And Peg Bench
    I'm Toy Cow Hammer And Peg Bench
    Special Price AUD34.95 Regular Price AUD39.95
  2. I'm Toy Cow Geo Sorter
    I'm Toy Cow Geo Sorter
    Special Price AUD29.95 Regular Price AUD37.50
  3. I'm Toy Stacking Cow
    I'm Toy Stacking Cow
    Special Price AUD24.95 Regular Price AUD29.95
  4. I'm Toy Walk and Ride Fire Engine Sorter
    I'm Toy Walk and Ride Fire Engine Sorter
    Special Price AUD119.95 Regular Price AUD122.50
  5. Apple Park Squirrel Soft Rattle
    Apple Park Squirrel Soft Rattle
    Special Price AUD19.95 Regular Price AUD24.95
  6. Yookidoo Crawl and Go Snail
    Yookidoo Crawl and Go Snail
    Special Price AUD59.95 Regular Price AUD69.95
  7. Yookidoo Submarine Spray Whale
    Yookidoo Submarine Spray Whale
    Special Price AUD49.95 Regular Price AUD57.95
  8. Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station
    Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station
    Special Price AUD63.95 Regular Price AUD74.99
  9. Yookidoo Musical Duck Race
    Yookidoo Musical Duck Race
    Special Price AUD62.95 Regular Price AUD72.99
  10. Yookidoo Flow and Fill Spout
    Yookidoo Flow and Fill Spout
    Special Price AUD42.95 Regular Price AUD49.95
  11. Mamagenius Original Lock Activity Box
    Mamagenius Original Lock Activity Box
    Special Price AUD89.95 Regular Price AUD128.00

There are so many options for your next baby toy purchase. Which one is the right gift for your nephew or niece or the perfect token of your love for your own new baby?

At All 4 Kids, we have so many choices - how can you choose between them? Here are a few ways to select from our wide range of baby toy items and find the perfect ones for your child:

Appropriate for Child’s Age

Baby toy” is a blanket term. There are soft toys designed for newborns to grasp and cuddle, toys designed for older babies to play with while becoming mobile, and even toys designed to help babies who are making the shift to walking. That’s a lot more variety than most people think of when they think of baby toys!

Safety for the Child

Is your child’s favorite baby toy safe for them? Child safety is a top priority here at All 4 Kids. We offer toys that are designed with lasting quality, won’t fall apart and cause potential choking hazards, and which are tested and approved for the highest standards of safety for children of the age groups they are created for. You don’t have to worry about safety when you shop with us - we’ve done that part for you!

Education and Stimulation

These days, parents and caregivers are looking for toys that do more than simply entertain children. They want toys that will teach their kids. And yes, this even includes the baby toy items they buy!

At All 4 Kids, we offer so many choices for baby toys - many designed with educational or developmental benefits in mind. When you’re looking for great new baby toys to add to your child’s collection, look no further than our large selection. We can help you find the right options for babies of any age - all safe, high quality, and affordable for your family.

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