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Educational Magnetic Building Blocks in Australia

Introduce your child to the captivating world of educational magnetic toys with ALL 4 KIDS. We meticulously craft our collection to stimulate young minds, encourage imaginative play, and promote problem-solving skills. And your little one gets all this while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

At ALL 4 KIDS, we take pride in providing you with a range of high-quality magnetic blocks for kids in Australia. From magnetic building tiles that spark creativity to car tracks and marble runs, our selection caters to every little inquisitive mind. Dive into our assortment and embark on a magnetic adventure of learning and playtime with your child today.


Discover Our Magnetic Blocks for Toddlers & Kids

Magnetic building blocks are a brilliant option for toddlers and young kids. As your child approaches the age of three, they’re ready to take on more intricate challenges. Their problem-solving skills and motor skills are fast developing. Our magnetic tiles are designed to provide a stimulating platform for learning and development, fostering sensory exploration through enjoyable, educational play.

Our magnetic blocks for kids allow your little one to experiment with various combinations, letting their creativity flourish. But these pieces have more than just colourful shapes—you can build and rebuild them, creating endless shapes and structures. This is great for infinite problem-solving and incorporates versatility into your child’s playtime.


Magnetic Building Blocks Designed to Last

We prioritise safety and durability when selecting toys for your little one. That's why we're proud to present a collection of magnetic toy sets crafted from plastic and magnets that are safe for your child. Our magnetic toys are designed to withstand extensive playtime, lasting through generations. Plus, their intricate magnet design allows for a much more stable hold in different structures.

Safety extends into the design intricacies of each magnetic piece. The magnets in the tiles are safely secured with rivets, reducing the chance of small magnet pieces being exposed to children. Wedged surfaces allow kids to have a firm grip on the pieces, and, being made of safe plastic, a quick wipe with a damp cloth easily keeps the pieces clean and hygienic.


Magnetic Building Tiles for Toddlers

Our most simple magnetic toys are tiles and blocks, such as the Magnetic Tiles from MNTL. These sets contain square and triangular tiles, which come in classic bright colours and muted pastel tones. Your toddler can use these tiles to create 3D structures beyond their wildest imaginations. The architectural design possibilities are endless.

Using rivets to strengthen the magnets, you do not need to worry when your toddler plays with our magnetic building tiles. They will not break easily and can be used without intensive supervision. Moreover, as all the pieces stick together, you can conveniently store our toy sets anywhere. This helps you save time and effort following each messy play session.


Magnetic Car Track Sets for Kids

For young racers, our range of magnetic car track sets are a step up from our standard magnetic blocks. These allow your child to develop their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination while improving their fine motor skills. With quick-connect magnetised edges, assembly becomes a breeze, ensuring that your little one stays focused on their imaginative adventures.

Our MNTL Magnetic Car Track Set is our top racetrack toy, which comprises an impressive 108 pieces. Each is expertly crafted in vibrant rainbow hues, ensuring an engaging and visually appealing experience. STEM-approved for skill development, this set also encourages independent and collaborative play. It fosters teamwork, analytical skills, and social skills when kids play together.


Magnetic Building Blocks & Marble Runs

Introduce older kids to the fascinating world of early STEM activities with our magnetic marble runs, such as the MNTL Magnetic Tiles Marble Run Set. This remarkable set takes skill-building to the next level, incorporating engaging cause-and-effect learning. It is an essential addition to your child’s playtime repertoire, providing an exciting challenge for your little engineer. 

We also stock the Onshine Magnetic Pipelines, available with 109, 178, or 278 brightly coloured tunnels and magnetic pieces. Watch in awe as your little one creates one-of-a-kind structures for the marbles to traverse through. This again fosters creativity and critical thinking, with the option to combine multiple sets together to allow your little one to build even bigger creations.


Magnetic Tiles for Improved Motor Skills

Magnetic building block toys offer more than play for your little one—they're invaluable tools for young minds. As children stack, connect, and balance the different pieces, they lay the groundwork for essential skills. These activities enhance hand-eye coordination as their tiny hands accurately guide each piece into position.

Picking up and carefully placing smaller pieces during stacking cultivates control and refines fine motor skills, which are essential for tasks like writing and using utensils. Additionally, arranging the pieces challenges fine motor skills, promoting balance and coordination. Our magnetic stacking toys provide a playful path to skill development and growth.


Educational Magnetic Toys for Problem Solving

Magnetic tiles also play a crucial role in enhancing problem-solving skills and logical thinking. They create a secure and structured setting for children to explore trial-and-error learning. Through experimenting with various combinations to achieve balance, children cultivate critical thinking and the ability to navigate challenges.

With a range of magnetic stacking toys available, you can introduce more complexity as your child progresses. Incorporate different shapes and sizes as they master each level, promoting continuous mental growth. Starting early with problem-solving lays a strong foundation for future learning and life achievements, supporting cognitive development.


Versatile Play to Simulate Young Minds

The primary use of magnetic building blocks is to put the pieces together to create different shapes and structures. With our range of toys, your child can experiment with different combinations and designs, letting their imagination take flight. The pieces are more than just building blocks—they’re a canvas for your little one’s creative adventures.

Our magnetic tiles can also double up as accessories elsewhere in your child’s playtime, creating new worlds, houses, and kingdoms for their other toys to play in. Your child can create their doll’s dream home, with a different structure each time, or drive a car along a racetrack that changes every lap. By joining multiple sets together, the possibilities are limited only by your child’s imagination.


Shop for Magnetic Toy Sets in Australia Today

Magnetic blocks for kids are more than just fun—they're fantastic tools for helping your child grow and learn. When they stack, balance, and arrange these colourful pieces, it challenges and stimulates their growing brains, improving their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and thinking abilities.

Don't miss the chance to give your child a toy that's both enjoyable and educational. At ALL 4 KIDS, our magnetic blocks for toddlers and kids offer hours of learning and play. Get a quality magnetic toy set from our range today and see your little one blossom into the confident and capable person you know they can be.

Treat your child to the joy of educational magnetic toys, where creativity, learning, and play blend seamlessly. Explore our carefully curated stacking magnetic toy set collection today and shop online for delivery across Australia. For any inquiries, reach out to our team at 1300 882 061.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are magnetic blocks and tiles good for?

Magnetic blocks are excellent for promoting creativity and imagination. They aid in developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning. These toys also offer a versatile learning experience, integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts. 


How do magnetic building blocks help develop fine motor skills?

Magnetic toys help develop fine motor skills as your little one can practice precise hand and finger movements while stacking the magnetic pieces. This helps your kid learn how to position their fingers for a deliberate grip and release while also training the muscles used for precise movement control.


Are magnetic blocks suitable for toddlers?

Yes, our magnetic toys are suitable for children aged three and above. With many of our sets coupled with reinforced rivets, wedged surfaces for firm grip and ultrasonic welding, our magnetic toys are a smart buy for parents looking to develop their toddler’s cognitive ability.

Are the magnetic tiles made from safe materials?

Yes, our magnetic tiles are made from high-quality plastic that is safe for children. Our Onshine magnetic toy sets are made of high-quality, non-toxic, smooth, and wear-resistant ABS material, and the MNTL range is made of Food-grade ABS plastic that’s BPA-free and environmentally friendly. 

Do the educational magnetic toys come with a warranty?

Yes, our educational magnetic toys come with a standard 12-month warranty, consistent across all toys in our online store. For specific products with extended warranties and guarantees, details are provided on their respective product pages below the product description.


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