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  2. Safety 1St Shell Nightlight With Sensor Switch - 1 Pack
    Safety 1St Shell Nightlight With Sensor Switch - 1 Pack
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  3. Safety 1St Corner Cushion  (4 Pack)
    Safety 1St Corner Cushion (4 Pack)
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  4. Safety 1St Finger Pinch Guard (2 Pack)
    Safety 1St Finger Pinch Guard (2 Pack)
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4 Items

When you have toddlers or young kids around the house, taking some safety precautions is always a wise decision. Unsecured furniture or sharp corners of tables are some of the hazards that every parent need to watch out for. You can not watch your baby 24/7, but you can make your home safer for them.

Listed are some of the most selling home safety products that people prefer to keep their children safe and secure:

Emery boards and case

A lot of dirt can get underneath the newborn’s fingernails, which is not good for their health. Keep your little one's nails free from germs by maintaining their nails. Emery boards and case keeps your baby’s nail smooth so that they won’t scratch themselves.

Shell nightlight with sensor switch

It provides a soft-glowing light that allows parents to easily check their bundle of joy at night without waking them up with a full-strength light source.

Finger pinch guard

Kids are curious creatures. If they see a door closing, they will want to investigate instantly, which makes parents quite tensed. A finger pinch guard can eliminate this worry.

Several other products serve the motive to protect your babies from any harm. All 4 Kids offers you the best range of products to choose from for your little one and keep them safe and smiling.

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