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Step into the world of BRIO Toys, where playtime and learning go side by side. BRIO is a Swedish company that is a part of the enable ravensburger group. It makes toys to enhance learning, fun, and educational skills in children. BRIO makes the best wooden trains, toddlers, and construction toys.

BRIO brings back happy childhood memories with their simple and stylish designs, inspiring a world of fun and enjoyment."

All 4 Kids is the perfect place for you to find fun new BRIO toys, games, and more. We make playtime fun and learning for the overall development of a child.


Let Your Child's Imagination Flourish with BRIO

Your child should enjoy the best moments that they will remember forever. BRIO toys are all about fun and learning. They encourage creativity in kids and help them develop skills. BRIO toys stand out because they have high-quality materials.

The toys are durable and safe for kids. Our selection includes classic BRIO wooden toy train sets and colorful building sets, making them suitable for all ages.


BRIO Toys: Not Just Fun

BRIO Toys not only serve as educational instruments with developmental advantages but also offer enjoyment. These toys present a superb opportunity for fostering skills such as comprehensive understanding and troubleshooting. 

When children interact with BRIO's toys, they enhance their skills and creative thinking. You can determine relevant content from our privacy policy, legal notice, and data protection declaration guidelines.


Featured BRIO Products: Experience Joy with BRIO's Best

Here are some product categories and setting options from BRIO that are perfect for your child's playtime:


BRIO Classic - Classic Figure 8 Set

BRIO classic figure 8 is the perfect train engine set for starting a thrilling adventure. It works with magnets that fascinate kids and help them in imaginative game plays. Connect your train sets, rails, and accessories to expand your endless play possibilities.

The BRIO train engine consists of high-quality European beech wood and durable plastics. This ensures long-lasting fun for children aged two and up.

BRIO toys undergo careful testing to meet strict safety standards, making them perfect gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

BRIO Big Green Action Locomotive

You can keep your child busy for hours with this action locomotive. It has two large, bright lights in the front that illuminate and give it the appearance of a real train.

Kids can control the train easily with simple buttons. They can make it go full speed, go in reverse, or make the "choo-choo" sound, like a real train conductor.

This toy encourages play and imagination. Kids can pretend to be in charge of a train. They can drive it wherever they want and start their journeys. They can enjoy playing with this along with the BRIO wooden train track.

Kids aged three years and above will enjoy this a lot. This train toy is safe and easy to use. The buttons are easy to press for kids.

BRIO Speedy Bullet Train 2 pieces

The BRIO Speedy Bullet Steam Train has many exciting adventures. The train is pre-fixed so that your child can start playing as soon as possible.

Workers fill up the coal tender wagon with coal to keep the train running smoothly. No need to worry about running out of steam.

Push the train along the tracks, and it will start running. The train is simple to operate and perfect for children aged three and up.

Children pretend to be a train conductor and enjoy this a lot. Whether your child is playing alone or with friends, the BRIO Speedy Bullet Train is perfect for them.

BRIO Toddler Walker

The BRIO toddler walker features an adjustable handle and brake. As your child learns to walk, you can adjust it to match their speed. This will make them more comfortable while they walk.

Safety is super important for us. This toy has a strong body and a brake. It helps your baby stay balanced and safe when they walk.

This walker builds confidence and independence in the child so that they can walk freely.



BRIO Parking Garage 7 pieces

Our unique parking garage combines the fun of BRIO toy trains and cars.

Give your child the ultimate playtime adventure with this parking garage. It has ramps, chutes, and a railway track.

This garage encourages your child's imagination. They can pretend to fuel cars, load them onto a train, and create many fun stories.

Adding more fun is easy. You can connect it to other sets for more excitement. Durable and simple for them to enjoy by themselves or with friends.

BRIO Lifting Bridge 3 pieces
Kids of 3 years and above will love playing with this lift bridge set. They can use the crank to lift the bridge for boats and lower the stop barriers to keep everything safe.

Parents can feel good knowing their kids are learning about safety while they play. By manually lowering the barriers, kids understand the importance of caution around railways. This set works with other railway sets, so the fun doesn't stop. Parents can easily mix and match to create new and exciting railway layouts for their kids.


Let BRIO Spark Joyful Adventures in Every Playtime

BRIO Toys creates enjoyable journeys with every playtime. Our toys are the finest in quality, education, and enjoyment. BRIO designs items that inspire children's imagination and simultaneously promote their growth and education.

BRIO Toys includes train sets and BRIO construction toys. All 4 Kids is a must-visit for parents wanting to buy educational plus fun toys. Explore the world of BRIO, and let the explorations begin!

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  1. BRIO - Three-Wagon Cargo Train 7 pieces
    BRIO - Three-Wagon Cargo Train 7 pieces
    Special Price A$52.95 Regular Price A$69.95
  2. BRIO - Tunnel & Steam Train 3 pieces
    BRIO - Tunnel & Steam Train 3 pieces
    Special Price A$42.95 Regular Price A$59.95
  3. BRIO - Animal Farm Set 30 pieces
    BRIO - Animal Farm Set 30 pieces
    Special Price A$134.95 Regular Price A$179.95
  4. BRIO Train - Travel Rechargeable Train 4 pcs
    BRIO Travel Rechargeable Train 4 pcs
    Special Price A$64.95 Regular Price A$89.95
  5. BRIO Train - High Speed Train with Sound 3 pcs
    BRIO Train - High Speed Train with Sound 3 pcs
    Special Price A$47.95 Regular Price A$59.95
  6. BRIO Train - Rescue Firefighting Train 4 pieces
    BRIO 4 pieces Rescue Firefighting Train
    Special Price A$44.95 Regular Price A$59.95
  7. BRIO Train - Metro Train & Tunnel 3 pieces
    BRIO 3 pieces Metro Train & Tunnel
    Special Price A$44.95 Regular Price A$59.95
  8. BRIO Train - Streamline Train 3 pieces
    BRIO Streamline Train 3 pieces
    Special Price A$44.95 Regular Price A$59.95
  9. BRIO Train - Farm Train
    BRIO Farm Train
    Special Price A$39.95 Regular Price A$49.95
  10. BRIO Train - Safari Train 3 pieces
    BRIO 3 pieces Safari Train
    Special Price A$39.95 Regular Price A$49.95
  11. BRIO - Ghost Train 3 pieces
    BRIO - Ghost Train 3 pieces
    Special Price A$34.95 Regular Price A$39.95
  12. BRIO Set - Railway World Deluxe Set 106 pieces
    BRIO Set - Railway World Deluxe Set 106 pieces
    Special Price A$579.95 Regular Price A$889.95
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