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How to Choose the Right Balance Bike for Your Child

Learning to ride a bicycle is a skill that once mastered, will never be forgotten. In the past, many parents grappled with teaching their children how to balance on a bike while guiding them to become accomplished cyclists, but it’s never been an easy task!  In fact, it’s daunting for parents and children.  There’s the obvious concern of children falling off their bicycles and losing confidence and of course, sometimes, falling off a bike can hurt!  Learning to ride a bike isn’t something that comes naturally for most children, and it takes time. 

Balance Bikes Have Grown Significantly Over the Past Decade

However, over the last decade, balance bikes have become integral to teaching kids how to balance on a bicycle and give them the confidence to transition to traditional bikes.  Kids balance bikes have grown in popularity and today, most parents opt for a balance bike before purchasing a proper bike, but how do you make sure you’re buying the right type of balance bike with so many on the market?  Of course, it’s important to look for strength, practicality, the right size riding toys, and good quality.  No parent wants to compromise on quality when it comes to their child because in doing so, you could put them at risk.  Let the number one in balance bikes, All4KidsOnline, help you find the perfect choice for your child. Within our pages, you’ll find a selection of lightweight balance bikes and doubtless, the right one for you.

Why All4KidsOnline Balance Bikes are the Perfect Choice! 

At All4KidsOnline, we provide the best range of outdoor toys and balance bikes from reputable brands.  We also test all of our products, so you feel peace of mind that you’re getting a premium quality. What’s more, we’re the convenient choice too, because you can buy balance bikes online.  Our pedal-less bikes will help your child to build confidence in their balance abilities while building the right cycling skills, so that once they’re ready, they can ride away on a traditional bicycle, and have plenty of fun in the process!  After all, cycling should always be an enjoyable pastime. 

What is a Balance Bike? 

Before we move onto what to think about when choosing a balance bike, let’s quickly discuss what a balance bike is.

A balance bike looks just like a traditional bicycle except that it has no pedals, stabilisers or drivetrain.  It’s got a bike frame, handlebars and wheels and when children get on a balance bike, they use their feet to push forward. When they’re confident enough they lift their feet off the ground, balancing.  As a parent, grandparent or carer, once you feel your child has mastered the balance skill, then you can them onto a traditional bike.  So there’s no need for stabilisers and a balance bike makes learning how to steer a traditional bike far easier, with a quicker transition.

The Benefits of Buying a Balance Bike

There are so many reasons why a balance bike is right for your child – and why parents nowadays are buying these types of bicycles before moving onto traditional bikes:

  • They’re Safe to Use. As children use their feet to stabilise themselves while balancing, there’s less risk of falling off the bike.
  • They Build Confidence. Balance bikes encourage children to feel confident while balancing – and it’s a skill that will come naturally with practice, preparing them for easy transition to cycling on a traditional bicycle.
  • They’re Easy to Use. In fact, you can get balance bikes for children as young as age 1.  Once they’re confident walkers, they immediately understand that they use their legs to push forwards.
  • Balance Bikes Develop Motor Skills. Probably one of the biggest benefits of balance bikes is that they encourage better motor skills.  Children must use their motor skills to balance on the bike and to steer themselves, so using a balance bike helps to improve co-ordination skills (and balance).  These are essential skills for life!
  • They Boost Confidence. Learning how to use a balance bike gives children confidence and they feel proud that they’ve learnt something new.  Once they understand how to balance and steer their bike, they’re ready to progress.  One of the biggest plus points is that they subconsciously realise that they’re able to accomplish anything when they set their mind to it!
  • Balance Bikes Get Kids Outdoors. Rather than spending enormous amounts of time behind a screen, a balance bike promotes outdoor play which is healthy and good for mental and physical wellbeing.
  • They Encourage Cycling. Possibly the biggest benefit of all is how using a balance bike makes learning how to cycle easier and quicker too.  This study’s conclusion states that children practising on a balance bike is associated with an earlier age of independent cycling compared with learning using a traditional bicycle.  Therefore they’re an excellent choice for young children. Even toddlers can start to learn how to use a bicycle with specially designed balance bikes for ages 1 to 3, such as this entirely affordable Allobebe Balance Bike.

Let’s move onto what to look for when choosing a suitable balance bike for your child.

An Extensive Collection at All4KidsOnline

Firstly, choose a reputable toy company that offers a wide range of options.  At All4KidsOnline, we have an extensive collection of different types of balance bikes to suit all ages, from 1+ years.  As well as a comprehensive selection of balance bikes, we also offer a wide range of colour options so you get something bright and appealing – that your child will love to use!

Within our collection, we have bikes for very young children with larger wheels to help with co-ordinating balance and to give you even more peace of mind that safety is our number one priority. 

Once your child is ready, they can move up to the 2 wheel balance bikes, such as the award-winning Kinderfeets Balance Bike – this particular bike has a low step-through frame and a handlebar positioned at the perfect height.  Furthermore, the seat height is adjustable and there are foot pegs for when your child is ready to lift their feet off the ground.  Complete with non-toxic, water-based paint materials, protective bumpers and made from sustainable wood – it’s a bike you and your child will love!

For older children, the Globber Go Bike Duo is ideal and suits ages 2 to 5 years.  It boasts a 2-stage reversible frame and a transformable dual rear wheel, so when your child is ready, one of the rear wheels can easily be removed.  Complete with height adjustable handlebars and adjustable seat (8 different heights), it’s the ideal choice.  Lightweight too, take this balance bike wherever you go and watch your child build their confidence quickly.

Of course, there are plenty of other superb quality balance bikes on All4KidsOnline, from respected brands such as Kinder Kraft and All4Kids – there’s something for everyone.  Why not browse our range of well-designed balance bikes by clicking here?

Age-Appropriate Balance Bikes

What’s the Best Age to Start Using a Balance Bike? 

We would suggest starting with a balance bike as soon as your child can walk and fit on a small balance bike.  Starting them early is really beneficial, especially for child development.  On average, people tend to purchase a balance bike when they feel their child is ready, which is usually any time between the age of 18 months to 3 years. Even if your child is past the age of 3 and keen to ride a bike, there’s still plenty of advantages to getting them their first balance bike.  Remember, a balance bike isn’t just for balance, co-ordination and building strength – it’s also brilliant exercise for your little one!

You should consider the right age-appropriate balance bike for your child.  Some balance bikes, such as the Globber Go Bike Duo, grow with your child. This one is suitable for ages 2 to 5 years.  Furthermore, as the back wheels feature a dual rear wheel, you can remove one of the wheels when your child’s ready to progress.

We’ve already mentioned the toddler balance bikes (for ages 1+) above, designed by Allobebe and once your child has mastered that bike, move them onto the Kinderkraft Magic Coral Rapid Balance Bike (complete with air pump) which helps children to learn how to manoeuvre their cycle while continuing to develop balance skills.  This particular bike is delightfully lightweight too as it’s constructed with a magnesium alloy frame and has an adjustable saddle.  Once your child is age 2+, they’re ready for this type of balance bike.

Of course, there are many other options – and if you’re looking for something as environmentally friendly as possible, one of our top sellers is the Kinderfeet Bamboo Balance Bike, crafted from lacquered bamboo wood and boasting an ergonomically designed seat for maximum comfort and adjustable handlebar position along with a cushioned, washable seat (suitable for children age 2 years+).

Important Balance Bike Features to Look For 

When choosing the right balance bike for your child, it’s worth looking for the following, important features:

  • Lightweight. To help your child push their balance bike, it’s important to choose a lightweight bike.  The lightest materials are aluminium, steel, wood or plastic – but aluminium will never rust so if you live in a climate with a lot of rain or humidity, this will be a wise choice.  Here’s a lightweight, sustainable wooden balance bike that’s the ideal choice for any child.
  • A Washable Seat. Children sometimes have accidents, so a washable seat is well worth considering (such as the Kinderfeets Bamboo Balance Bike).
  • Look for Adjustable Seat Height. You want your balance bike to grow with your child, so an adjustable seat height is always an excellent feature, such as this one, with adjustable saddle.
  • Adjustable Handlebars. Adjustable handlebars, like seat height, mean your bike grows with your child and increases comfort.
  • Safe Finishes. Hard angles can hurt your child, look for something with rounded edges for extra-safety such as this balance bike from Kinder Kraft.
  • Affordability. For many parents, cost is key, but they don’t want to compromise on the important aspects such as comfort, weight and adjustability.  At All4KidsOnline, we have an extensive range of affordable balance bikes and we often run special offers. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out about special promotions and deals.
  • A Padded Saddle. This gives your child an extra layer of comfort – as often plastic seats are too rigid to enjoy biking to the full!  This sustainable, bamboo balance bike features a delightful, cushioned seat.
  • Puncture-Proof Tyres. The Globber Go Balance Bike has EVA wheels, protecting against punctures and keeping your child extra-safe (and an ergonomically designed handle too).
  • Safety Grips. This balance bike features specially designed handles that are comfortable and easy for children’s little hands to grasp.
  • Good Looks! Of course, while not essential – a great looking bike will only tempt your child into learning how to balance as they’ll be desperate to use it, especially if it’s in their favourite colour!

Balance Bikes – Other Important Essentials

Once you’ve chosen your balance bike, there are some optional extras that are important to ensure your child’s safety and enjoyment.  We’d suggest purchasing a helmet and knee pads just in case your child does fall off – this will minimise any discomfort. 

You’ll also want to look after your balance bike so it lasts for years (and it should, all of ours are excellent quality).  Store it away after use, keep it clean by wiping it with a lightly damp cloth (and dry it off afterwards using a soft, microfibre cloth to avoid scratching). If you haven’t got puncture-proof wheels, regularly check your bike’s wheels for signs of puncture and keep a repair kit handy. 

All of our balance bikes are covered by GeoTrust so you can shop with confidence and, unless otherwise stated, our bikes come with an Australian standard 12-month warranty (please report any manufacturer faults to our team within 30 days of receipt).  Plus, our friendly customer services team is on-hand for any queries you might have, call us on 1300 882 061 or drop us a line here.

So, for the best balance bikes in Australia, quick and easy shopping, shipping and outstanding customer service, choose All4KidsOnline.  Our shopping experience is designed to help you make informed choices and to enjoy browsing through our website pages, plus we offer secure payment options (using encrypted software) and hassle-free delivery services.  We’re proud to be the number one choice for so many Australian families looking for premium products for their growing children and when you become one of our customers, take advantage of the many ongoing promotions, discounts and bundle deals.  In fact, if you’re quick, your child could be the proud owner of one of our current balance bikes on promotion today!  So shop your favourite here.



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