Our Montessori-style Pikler Collection is based on the famous Pikler Approach by Hungarian Pediatrician Emmi Pikler. She designed climbing furniture for young kids to improve their elementary motor skills and gain control over their bodies. 

Our educational Pikler toys offer many wonderful child development benefits. On a Pikler Triangle, kids can practice and refine their fundamental motor skills, master their spatial coordination, increase their physical strength, boost their logical thinking, develop problem-solving skills, harness their creativity, and improve their memory.

The sets of climbing furniture are made of solid wood making it stable, sturdy, and safe for children of all ages. They are compact enough for indoor playing and are a lovely practical toy you can move around the house and in your kid’s room.

Each piece is suitable for different developmental purposes. We all know how much our little ones love to climb up and down and this toy furniture will allow them to take control over their bodies and learn their physical limitations as well. With your guidance and assistance, they can master it safely.

Specifically designed to provide an open-play environment for children, these cubes and triangles are imaginative, fun, and versatile. 

You’ll surely be surprised that even your older kids will find them really interesting and joyful to play with. 

Teach them important life skills at a young age with our All 4 Kids Scarlett Learning Tower with Step Stool. It allows your little one to participate in easy and basic kitchen activities, learn to brush their teeth on their own, and learn how to properly wash their hands. This tower is multifunctional, has a sturdy base and construction, and has a brilliant space-saving design.

They can be used by children ages 6 months to 5 years old. However, even older kids still enjoy playing with these brilliant structures.

For safety purposes, the wood finish is 100% poison-free and completely safe for everyone, especially your kids. Getting Pickler toys for them is also a great way to help the earth from the damaging effects of too much plastic disposal as our toys are made completely of wood. 

We know how much you love your kids and you want them to live in a safe and healthy environment. That is our mission too. You can guarantee that our products are beneficial to your little one’s growth and development.

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  1. Kinderfeets Pikler Balance Beam
    Kinderfeets Pikler Balance Beam
    Special Price A$149.95 Regular Price A$190.00
  2. All 4 Kids Ian Pikler Play Set
    All 4 Kids Ian Pikler Play Set
    Special Price A$449.85 Regular Price A$629.85
  3. All 4 Kids Scarlett Learning Tower
    All 4 Kids Scarlett Learning Tower with Step Stool
    Special Price A$199.95 Regular Price A$249.95
  4. All 4 Kids Ian Pikler Play Slide and Rock Wall
    All 4 Kids Ian Pikler Play Ramp and Slide
    Special Price A$79.95 Regular Price A$149.95
  5. All 4 Kids Ian Pikler Foldable Play Triangle
    All 4 Kids Ian Pikler Foldable Play Medium Triangle
    Special Price A$129.95 Regular Price A$229.95
  6. All 4 Kids Ian Pikler Play Cube with Blackboard
    All 4 Kids Ian Pikler Play Cube with Blackboard
    Special Price A$149.95 Regular Price A$249.95
  7. Kinderfeets Pikler Ramp & Slide
    Kinderfeets Pikler Ramp & Slide
    Special Price A$126.95 Regular Price A$164.95
  8. Kinderfeets Pikler Large Triple Climber Triangle
    Kinderfeets Pikler Large Triple Climber Triangle
    Special Price A$283.95 Regular Price A$349.95
  9. Kinderfeets Pikler Triangle Medium
    Kinderfeets Pikler Triangle Medium
    Special Price A$167.95 Regular Price A$219.95
  10. Kinderfeets Pikler Small Triangle
    Kinderfeets Pikler Small Triangle
    Special Price A$118.95 Regular Price A$154.95
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