Do you struggle to get your children outside? If so, your family is like many in Australia, with kids who are increasingly interested in video games and electronic toys and decreasingly interested in exercise and playing outdoors. There are many problems with this, and no, they aren’t all the fact that playtime looks different for “kids these days”. Today’s kids are facing real potential health concerns due to their lack of activity and outdoor playtime - and modern toys and activities for kids have to be part of the solution to help change that. 

The Problem With Play Today

Despite what your child’s grandparents might say, there is nothing inherently wrong with non-active electronic toys. Today’s children can use these toys to learn everything from fine motor skills to math, science, and language skills. They can also use them to talk to other children and form social bonds that are consistent with the world we live in today - with parental guidance, of course.

The problem arises when these toys become the only type that a child is exposed to or given the opportunity to play with. When this happens, children spend all of their time indoors and in sedentary positions. This can lead to:

  • Obesity
  • Muscle weakness and atrophy
  • A lack of coordination in many gross motor skills
  • A lack of vitamin D
  • Poor sleep, and much more

Active, outdoor toys are the solution to this problem - but getting kids interested in them and giving them ample opportunity to use them is an important step in making them useful.

How Do You Make Outdoor Play Appealing?

Today’s children are less interested in active, outdoor play than they once were. So, how do you convince your kids to get outside and move more?

The answer is tailoring active and outdoor activities to your children’s abilities and interests. There are perfect toys for every child to use outdoors to get more active - and you can find all of them here at All 4 Kids! From a baby swing set to a kids scooter designed for older children, there are so many ways to get your child moving and engaging with the world around them, all in one place and with the same high-quality and affordability guarantees!

If your child loves to go places, for example, consider making bikes or scooters part of your family’s weekly outdoor routine. Go for walks or rides around your community. Head to the local park and ride there for a change of scenery. Making outdoor movement and play appealing to your individual child can be as simple as making it something that they can do with their family. Then you can tick the boxes for quality time and exercise with one fun, functional, and beneficial activity!

Ready to give your kids’ playtime an overhaul? Give us a call here at All 4 Kids or visit our catalog for more information on how you can tailor your toy purchases to make every day more active - and more fun - for your kids!   

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