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  1. Globber Go Up Sporty 4 in 1 Scooter with Light - Pink
    Globber Go Up Sporty 4 in 1 Scooter with Light - Pink
    Special Price AUD158.95 Regular Price AUD189.00
Globber FLOW 125 scooter - Teal
    Globber FLOW 125 scooter - Teal
    Special Price AUD159.95 Regular Price AUD179.00
  3. Globber FLOW 125 Scooter - Ruby
    Globber FLOW 125 Scooter - Ruby
    Special Price AUD159.95 Regular Price AUD179.00
  4. Globber FLOW 125 scooter with light up wheels - Teal
    Globber FLOW 125 scooter with light up wheels - Teal
    Special Price AUD179.95 Regular Price AUD199.00
  5. Globber FLOW 125 scooter with light up wheels - Ruby
    Globber FLOW 125 scooter with light up wheels - Ruby
    Special Price AUD179.95 Regular Price AUD199.00
Globber ONE K E-MOTION 4 PLUS Electric Scooter - Mint
    Globber ONE K E-MOTION 4 PLUS Electric Scooter - Mint
    Special Price AUD230.00 Regular Price AUD339.00
  7. Globber PRIMO Foldable Lights Scooter - Deep Pastel Pink
    Globber PRIMO Foldable Lights Scooter - Deep Pastel Pink
    Special Price AUD129.95 Regular Price AUD149.00

Best Kids’ Scooters in Australia

In the modern world, encouraging kids to explore nature can be tough. Children tend to prefer electronic gadgets to outdoor activities! However, our kids' scooters are a fun way to encourage children to enjoy nature and solve this modern issue.

In Australia, scooters are a popular choice for children craving active time outdoors. Allow your child to discover the joy of outdoor play with our range of high-quality children’s scooters in Australia. We have girls scooters, boys scooters, toddler scooters, baby scooters, and everything in between!


Kids’ Scooters That Grow with Your Child

Children grow quickly, and we design our child scooters to grow with them. We offer a range of the best child scooters in Australia that suit all stages of development. Choose from 3-wheel scooters, 2-in-one scooters, and scooters with a seat. From those first wobbly scoots to the adventurous years of scooting around the neighbourhood, we’ve got you covered.

We have great scooters for kids of all ages that are safe and comfy, giving them the support they need. With secure handles and easy-to-manoeuver features, you can focus on your child's scooter adventures while we take care of the rest. As your little one grows, our more advanced scooter models ensure that older children can continue their fun.


Kids’ Scooters with Seats for Little Tots

For the youngest riders or those who prefer a more relaxed scooting experience, a baby scooter with a seat is an ideal choice. These offer a comfortable and secure perch for your child to sit on while they cruise around. Children can have a relaxed ride with a seat and strong handlebars, perfect for building confidence.

The adjustable seat of our Globber GO UP Deluxe Convertible Scooter fits four different heights. Made of soft TPR, it moves up and back, giving your little one room for their legs as they grow. With a parent handlebar, your child can safely learn to ride a scooter without any worries about them running away.


3 Wheel Scooter for Toddlers & Kids

When introducing your little one to the world of scooting, a 3-wheeled toddler scooter is another great choice. These scooters offer a stable and secure platform for your child to start their scooting adventure. With 3 wheels for added balance, toddlers can gain confidence as they explore the outside world.

For example, our Highwaykick 1 is the ideal companion for children aged one to five. We designed this scooter with small hands and short legs in mind, ensuring that even the tiniest tots can enjoy the thrill of scooting. It even has patented safety pads for added security.


Kids’ 2-in-1 Scooters for Every Stage of Development

When balancing versatility and fun, kids' 2-in-1 scooters are the best of both worlds. These scooters adapt and grow with your child, offering an exciting and practical solution for parents. For example, our Globber Go Up Deluxe Convertible Scooter features a 2-in-1 design. Within seconds, it transforms from a stable 3-wheel scooter with a seat for young riders into a classic 2-wheel kick scooter.

An adaptable design ensures your child can enjoy their scooter as they get older. Whether they're a newbie or expert rider, these kids' 2-in-1 scooters provide endless entertainment. Plus, they’re pocket-friendly—you won’t need to purchase a new scooter with every growth spurt!


Quality Push Scooters For Kids

Kids push scooters are a fantastic way for young riders to embark on their first scooting adventures. With their easy-to-push design, even the littlest riders can propel themselves forward. Your kid will gain a sense of independence and confidence with every push.

For parents looking to introduce their children to scooting safely, push scooters like the Globber Flow 125 scooter are the ideal choice. These scooters have a long, covered rear break, allowing for better, more immediate braking. Watch as your kid explores their surroundings, building the skills they'll use throughout a whole childhood of play.

Bigger Scooters for Older Children and Teens

Scooters aren't just for the little ones—they're an exciting mode of transportation for older children and teens. With sleek designs and sturdy construction, our older kids’ scooters offer a way to commute, have fun, and stay active.

At ALL 4 KIDS, we offer a wide variety of kid’s kick scooters to cater to the preferences of older riders. For example, our Globber Scooter One NL 205 Deluxe is designed for teenagers aged 14 and older. Not only can this scooter support up to 50kg, but you can adjust it to three different heights. This makes it a comfortable ride for teens of all ages.


Kids’ Scooters Designed with Safety in Mind

When choosing the perfect kids' scooters at ALL 4 KIDS, safety is a top priority. We've selected our range of scooters with the utmost care, ensuring every ride is a safe and enjoyable experience. With features like non-slip handlebars, durable frames, and reliable brakes, you'll know that your child is safe during playtime.

In addition to safety features, we have selected our children’s scooters to be age-appropriate. From stable kids' 3-wheel scooters for beginners to kick scooters for older children, these scooters grow with your child's abilities.


Foldable Children’s Scooters for Scooting on the Go

Foldable children’s scooters are the perfect companions for those who want to combine convenience with adventure. With a portable design, they're easy to fold and carry wherever your journey takes you. They effortlessly fold into a compact size, fitting into car boots or to carry on public transport.

Whether heading to the park, visiting friends, or zipping around the neighbourhood, our Globber ELITE DELUXE Scooters are perfect. With a patented elliptic folding system, these kids' scooters are easy to fold and store after playtime. They're great for small homes with young minds craving huge adventures.


Shop for the Best Child’s Scooter in Australia Today

When searching for a scooter for sale, look no further than our exciting scooter range at ALL 4 KIDS. Our scooters are suitable for children of all ages who want to enjoy the great outdoors. We've focused on safety and fun, so you can trust that your child will have a great time on our scooters.

With the best child scooters in Australia, you’re not just giving your child a fun way to get around. You’re opening the door to endless outdoor exploration, adventure, and healthy, active play. They unlock a new way for your child to explore the world in a way that’s safe and fun.

Dive into the world of kids’ scooters in our ALL 4 KIDS range today, and let the excitement begin! Take advantage of delivery across Australia, or get in touch with our team if you have any questions.


Your Guide to Buying the Best Kids’ Scooters

What age is suitable for your children’s scooters?

Our range of scooters caters to a wide age range, from toddlers to teenagers. Scooters with 3 wheels and a seat are suitable for children as young as 1-2 years old. As they grow and gain more balance, they can move to kick scooters designed for children aged 5+.


What safety features do your scooters for kids have?

Our child’s scooters have several essential safety features, including non-slip handlebars, durable frames, and reliable brakes. These features give your kid grip, stability, and control, ensuring peace of mind.


What is the difference between a 3 wheel scooter and a kick scooters?

A kids’ 3-wheel scooter is ideal for younger children and beginners, providing added stability. On the other hand, kick scooters are for older kids and require motor skills and coordination. They are suitable for those who have mastered the basics of scooting.


Does a child’s scooter come with a warranty?

Yes, all our outdoor play equipment at ALL 4 KIDS has a standard minimum 12-month warranty. This warranty extends to our scooters for kids. For specific information regarding the warranties applicable to each product, please check out the individual product page.


How long does it take to ship kids’ scooters in Australia?

After you buy scooter bikes from our store, we aim to ship them within 48 hours. To ensure quick delivery, we also work with reputable couriers like Australia Post, Star Track, TNT, and Toll Ipec. However, we ask you to allow up to ten business days to receive your order.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are kids scooters safe?

<p>Kids Scooters are lightweight and easy to move, allowing children to operate and lift their scooters safely and confidently. While there is a small risk associated with any physical activity your child might undertake, our Kids Scooters are safe to use, provided that they are correctly used under adult supervision.</p>

What is the right age for a scooter?

<p>Scooters can be enjoyed by children of any age. However, we recommend that they aren't used by children under the age of 2. It all depends on your child’s individual development and progression, but as a rule, if your child can walk steadily and unaided, they are ready to start using a scooter.</p>

Do kids scooters require protective gear?

<p>For peace of mind while your child is playing on one of our scooters, we would recommend investing in some protective gear. Why not take a look at our range of <a href="">kids helmets</a>? When worn with elbow and knee pads especially, kids helmets offer a safe and stylish solution to keep your little ones protected while they’re off on their adventures.</p>