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Kids’ Makeup Tables and Vanity Sets

At ALL 4 KIDS, we understand the importance of creating spaces that cater to kids’ imaginations. Our stunning collection of kids’ vanity units is not only pieces of furniture, but a gateway to a world of independence and self-expression.

Our collection offers a diverse range of options designed to elevate your child's bedroom into a more enjoyable space. Whether you seek a kids’ makeup table or a little girls’ vanity set, we have an option to suit all children and bedrooms. Enhance the comfort, functionality, and aesthetics of your little one’s room today and shop our range.


Unique Vanity Tables for Toddlers & Kids

Just as every child is unique, so are our kids’ vanity unit sets and child dressing tables. We've carefully curated various styles, colours, and features to suit all ages and your child’s individual tastes. Whether they dream of being a movie star, a princess, or a rock star, we have a vanity unit to match their aspirations.

For example, our Le Toy Van Honeybake Vanity Table is the perfect addition to bedrooms belonging to little princesses. This carefully crafted and designed girls’ dressing table with a mirror has a magical feeling. Complete with draws to store all your little one’s precious trinkets, children and adults alike will adore this kids’ makeup table. It’ll be the centerpiece of your little girl’s room.


Olivia the Fairy Girls Dressing Table: Our Star Product

Introducing the star of our collection: The Olivia the Fairy Girls Dressing Table and Chair set. This is one of our most popular searches, designed to make your little one feel like a fairy princess. The vanity table has an oval shatterproof vanity mirror, corner shelves, and roomy drawers. It provides a charming space for your child to dress up, as well as store their belongings when not in use.

With intricate details and hand-painted fairy characters, this vanity table adds a touch of magic to any room. In fact, this furniture set isn't just for vanity! Your child can use it for reading, homework, or playtime, too. Complete with a matching chair, functional dressing tables have never looked so good.


Kids’ Vanity Units to Develop Self-Expression

Our range of vanity units for kids is more than just a piece of bedroom furniture! They’re a doorway to self-expression and the development of a unique sense of style. They provide children with their own space to experiment. Let them explore their fashion preferences, enhance their self-confidence, and have fun while preparing for the day ahead.

From fashion enthusiasts to budding makeup artists, our vanity units are a canvas for children to embrace their identity. These charming additions not only make daily routines a delightful experience. They also encourage independence, nurturing their individuality as they try different looks.


Durable Wooden Vanity Units for Kids

We understand that children can be a little rough on their furniture. That's why we've selected vanity sets for kids that will withstand the test of time, like those made of wood. Safety is also our top priority. Therefore, we only use non-toxic, eco-friendly materials to make our dressing tables.

The mirrors used in our girls' dressing tables are also child-safe. They're shatterproof, durable, and child-friendly, making them an ideal choice for any child's bedroom. You can rest assured that you've built a safe environment as your little one explores their sense of style.


Kids’ Vanity Tables with Storage Solutions

Our vanity units for toddlers and kids not only serve as stylish spots for your child's daily routines but also offer valuable storage solutions. For example, the Tender Leaf Toys Forest Dressing Table has ample shelves and drawers to keep your child's room neat and organised.

You can use these built-in drawers and shelves for storing anything you wish, turning your vanity unit into a versatile piece of furniture. While they provide a perfect setting for self-expression, they also double as workspaces for reading, drawing, or homework. This dual functionality ensures that a vanity unit is a wise investment, serving as a hub for getting ready.


Promote Organization Skills with a Toddlers’ Vanity Table

Our toddler vanity units' built-in drawers and shelves provide a practical storage alternative to bedside tables. They're also valuable tools for teaching organizations. With drawers to hold hair accessories, grooming products, and treasured possessions, children learn to keep their space tidy.

By having a designated place for their belongings, kids learn the importance of putting things away and keeping track of them. This early lesson in organisation can positively impact later life and create an appreciation for a clutter-free environment. Vanity units not only enhance self-expression but also help develop essential life skills.


Table Top Mirrors & Standing Mirrors for Kids

If you’re looking for a dressing table with a mirror for girls, ALL 4 KIDS has plenty of options. These mirror vanity sets serve as a practical addition to your child's bedroom. Crafted with attention to detail and designed for safety, our little girl vanity sets include tables, chairs, and mirrors.

If there is enough space in your child’s bedroom, take their dressing area one step further with a full-length mirror. Our standing mirrors are a testament to the belief that every child deserves elegant bedroom furniture. Our ALL 4 KIDS Gloria White Girls Wooden Standing Mirror is the perfect option, with a classic, sturdy wooden frame.


Grow Confidence with a Dressing Table Kids Love!

A well-placed vanity unit in your child's room can be a powerful tool for boosting your little one’s confidence. It provides a dedicated space where children can explore their unique style, experiment with looks, and admire their reflections. Their confidence naturally grows as they learn to appreciate their appearance and gain a sense of self-worth.

A vanity unit in your child's room is not just about style and aesthetics, however. It plays a crucial role in establishing daily routines. Providing a dedicated space for grooming and self-care encourages kids to adopt healthy habits and structured routines. Whether getting to school or calming down for bed, a vanity unit helps guide children through their daily activities.


Shop for A Makeup Vanity Table Australia

Picture the joy of watching your child confidently try on their favourite outfit or get ready for their next adventure. At ALL 4 KIDS, our range of vanity units promises just that. Designed for enjoyment and safety, our products are not mere furnishings but the gateway to exploration and self-expression.

From the first use to the countless times that follow, our vanity sets guarantee endless smiles, laughter, and development. Explore our selection of vanity units and choose one that will help them prepare for the day ahead. Shop online for delivery across Australia, or contact our team at 1300 882 061 if you have any questions.


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