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    Childcare Inner Spring Mattress - White
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    JOY BABY Delux Inner Spring Mattress 1300 x 690 mm
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Cot Mattress for Your Little One

Soft, supple, cuddly, convenient, gentle and reasonable – these are the top features that you look out while buying mattresses for your little one. At All for Kids, you get a wide variety of cot mattresses Australia to choose from, for example, inner spring mattress, foam mattress, coir and natural fibre mattress, cotton mattress, hypo-allergenic mattress, or a combination of any of these. We also offer highly demanded mattresses for newborns at the most economical prices.

A good cot mattress like ALL 4 KIDS Breathe Eze is required not only to make bedtime cosier for your baby, but also to support baby’s growing bones. We make sure that you get the best mattresses at All for Kids to support your kid while the initial growing years. We have a range of mattresses as well as changing table mattresses  which are available for different-aged babies and kids – that offer them all the comfort they require while enjoying a healthy nap. Even if you are looking for a cheap cot mattress, you can be assured of quality in every aspect.


Safety and baby cot mattresses

At ALL 4 KIDS, we select cot mattress very carefully, with the health and safety of your baby as our main priority. A safe cot mattress is one that is the right size for the cot, both in width and depth. Having a cot mattress that is the correct size prevents it from shifting or creasing, resulting in gaps your baby could get stuck in.

In Australia, cot mattresses can also be tested for the AS/NZS voluntary Standard – and our range passes this firmness test. That’s important since a soft mattress can make it easier for babies to roll over onto their tummy and become at risk of suffocation. For this same reason, we don’t recommend adding a soft sheepskin under the bedding. It is safe to use waterproof mattress protections on all our baby cot mattresses, as long as they are strong and tightly fitted. Just remember to always avoid placing anything on the mattress that can come loose and be a health risk for your baby.


Selecting the right cot mattress for your newborn

It is essential to select the best match for your baby’s sleep as your newborn may spend up to 80% of time sleeping during first year. We recommend firm crib mattresses or cot mattresses along with cot mattresses protector specifically for the newborns, as a soft sleeping surface can be a suffocation hazard for little ones and can consequently increase the risk of SIDS. All the cot mattresses available for newborns at All for Kids – from inner spring mattress to cotton mattress, from hypo-allergenic mattress to coir mattress – are hand-picked to match the requirement of your little angel and provide him/her a sound and safe sleep. ALL 4 KIDS Breathe Eze is the right example of a firm and a cosy cot mattress for your newborn baby.


Mattresses for kids above one year:

Mattresses designed for kids above one year may not be firm enough. Inner spring mattresses that come with a plastic on one side and cotton on the other, are also suitable for kids above one year of age. They are soft and firm – a perfect balance of sleeping mattress for any kid! As per the experts, it doesn't matter what kind of cot mattress Australia you use, as long as it is firm and doesn't sag at all.


Consider these while buying the right cot mattress for your baby:

While selecting a cheap cot mattress, make sure it is the right mattresses for your baby, and you may also consider the following tips:

The right size:

The mattress needs to fit snugly into the crib or cot, a larger space means the mattress is too small and could be a suffocation hazard. The right mattress will not have more than two fingers of space between the crib/ cot frame and the side of the mattress.

The right sturdiness of mattress ticking (mattress cover):

Go for double or triple laminated ticking to ensure water resistance. Mainly important to take care of soggy diaper, tears, or water spill.

The right venting:

Vent holes are important as they allow air to flow in and out, thus escaping bad odour. Your baby’s diapers may leak, so check on this one too.


Other than these, you may consider comfort, cost, and durability, as your baby will perhaps sleep in the cot for up to three years.
Should you have any doubts, feel free to call our experts at 1300 882 061. Our team will help you to buy the right mattress for your baby!

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