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  1. Melissa & Doug - Slice And Bake Cookie Set
    Melissa & Doug - Slice And Bake Cookie Set
    Special Price AUD49.95 Regular Price AUD69.99
  2. Tender Leaf Toys Make Me a Pizza Set
    Tender Leaf Toys Make Me a Pizza Set
    Special Price AUD42.95 Regular Price AUD54.95
  3. Tender Leaf Toys Babyccino Maker
    Tender Leaf Toys Babyccino Maker
    Special Price AUD56.95 Regular Price AUD69.95
  4. Tender Leaf Toys My Forest Floor Set
    Tender Leaf Toys Birdie Tea Set
    Special Price AUD44.95 Regular Price AUD59.95
  5. Tender Leaf Toys La Fiamma Grand Kitchen
    Tender Leaf Toys La Fiamma Grand Kitchen
    Special Price AUD529.95 Regular Price AUD660.00
  6. ALL 4 KIDS Peyton Pink Pretend Kitchen
    ALL 4 KIDS Peyton Pink Pretend Play Kitchen
    Special Price AUD129.95 Regular Price AUD169.95
  7. ALL 4 KIDS Stella Pink Pretend Kitchen
    ALL 4 KIDS Stella Pink Pretend Kitchen
    Special Price AUD99.95 Regular Price AUD149.95
  8. Tender Leaf Toys Veggie Basket
    Tender Leaf Toys Veggie Basket
    Special Price AUD25.95 Regular Price AUD34.95
  9. Le Toy Van Alex Honeybake Ice Cream Machine
    Le Toy Van Alex Honeybake Ice Cream Machine
    Special Price AUD47.95 Regular Price AUD62.95

Kids’ Play Kitchen Sets & Cooking Toys

Welcome to our collection of kids’ play kitchen sets, cooking toys, and play food. Designed to excite, delight, and entertain, these toys are perfect for all kids—whether they’re dreaming of being a famous chef or simply copying you cook in the kitchen. 

With our selection of kids’ kitchen sets and cooking toys, imaginative play never looked so good! Your little one sees grown-up cooking in the kitchen every day. It’s only natural for kids to want to mimic adults and learn as much about their world as possible. And with a play kitchen, they can! Give your child a chance to play chef in their very own toy kitchen from All 4 Kids. 

Toy Kitchen Sets for Endless Imagination

Using a play kitchen set gives your little one the freedom to explore new scenarios in a fun and safe way, harnessing their creativity, imagination, and experimentation. These skills are crucial for healthy development, helping your youngster take on different roles—from server to head chef—in the comfort of their home. They’re given the freedom to create their own culinary adventures!

Our wooden toy kitchen sets provide the full setup for ultimate enjoyment. Complete with brightly coloured wooden play food, utensil cooking toys, and their very own chef hat and apron, there is everything they need for hours of fun. From baking cakes in the toy oven to frying eggs on the pretend hob, your new mini chef has endless cooking possibilities to explore. 

Fun & Functional Kitchen Sets for Kids

Buying a kids’ play kitchen guarantees hours of enjoyment for your little chef. There is so much for your child to imagine and discover—opening ovens, realistic hob rings, kitchen cupboards, countertop appliances, and all the go-to cooking utensils like pots, pans, and spatulas. Some of our toy kitchens include lights and clickers for more immersive and fascinating play. 

But our play kitchen sets aren’t just fun. Many of the toy kitchens from our range are also fully functional, providing a lifelike cooking experience for your budding chef. Cupboard doors open and close, giving your little one space to organise play food. Meanwhile, hob dials twist to make frying realistic. Some even integrate microwaves, the perfect place to prepare fake frozen meals in a hurry. 

Educational Benefits of Play Kitchens

Play kitchens are both entertaining and educational—the fun and functional features of our kitchens let your toddler take their chef role-play to the next level while also helping them fine-tune their motor skills. Every time your kid opens a cupboard door, turns up the heat on the oven, or hangs up their spatulas, they’re learning new movements that help with coordination and physical development. 

Using a play kitchen set also provides a hands-on learning experience for your kid. They can practice counting when taking meal orders or following recipes, and learn kitchen safety and food hygiene concepts. Chef role play also helps your child improve their social abilities, bettering their teamwork, and helping them develop crucial life skills. 

Kids’ Play Kitchens in All Styles and Sizes

Kids are wonderfully unique and have their own preferences when it comes to toys. At All 4 Kids, we have pretend kitchens in a variety of sizes and styles for their own take on kitchen play. From sleek and modern designs to more traditional wooden toy kitchens or brightly coloured designs, there is something in our collection for every child. 

Space is also a consideration when purchasing a kitchen set for kids. Large freestanding playsets that mimic real kitchens provide the full package, but if you have a smaller home, tabletop kitchens or smaller cooking accessories might be a better option. No matter your home constraints or child’s preferences, our range of play kitchens will deliver.

Play Food Sets & Cooking Accessories

A toy kitchen would only be complete with cooking accessories. We have pretend versions of almost any kitchen appliance imaginable – from microwaves to toasters, blenders, and ice cream makers – along with your pots, pans, chopping boards, fake knives, and other kitchen utensils. These add-ons allow your toddler to experiment freely in the kitchen, creating any meal they desire.

Our play food sets are another toy kitchen must-have for your little one to put their cooking skills to the test. You can buy pretend fruits for smoothies, vegetables for stews, and other grocery essentials. All are designed to look realistic and can teach your kid about different food types and nutrition, encouraging a healthy diet from a young age.

Durable Wooden Toy Kitchens for Chef Role Play

All our pretend kitchen sets are made to withstand several years of rough play. Our wooden toy kitchen sets for kids are the strongest models, designed to last their entire childhood. Built from quality wood, they’re practically unbreakable—even for the most rough-and-tumble kids! Your toddler can cook up a storm day after day with no damage to their kitchen or play food. 

At All 4 Kids, your child’s safety and well-being are also a top priority of ours. Our pretend kitchens and cooking toys all meet the highest safety standards. There are no sharp edges, no dangerous parts, and no harmful chemicals used in their production. You can let your little one cook and create without worry, watching their imagination run wild.

Play Kitchens & Cooking Toys at Pocket-Friendly Prices

The educational and entertainment value of play kitchen sets and cooking toys is undeniable. Therefore, the money spent on toy kitchen sets isn’t solely to cure boredom and keep your little one busy—it also helps nurture healthy development. Playing chef teaches them essential life skills and creates fun memories for you and your child. 

However, we know how expensive it is to raise a child. From paying for schooling to the cost of groceries, clothing, and toys, your little one will set you back a pretty penny. At All 4 Kids, we keep the prices of our play kitchens and cooking toys low, ensuring that every kid can get the benefits and enjoyment from pretending to be a chef, regardless of your budget.

Shop for Kids Pretend Kitchens Today

Kids’ pretend kitchens are a fantastic addition to any toddlers’ playroom. Through chef role play, your child develops their motor skills, learns about healthy eating, and improves their teamwork and problem-solving abilities—all while having heaps of fun! Playing in a toy kitchen is also an experience that can be enjoyed together, creating lifelong memories with your little one. 

With a variety of play kitchen styles and sets, there is a kitchen suitable for every kid and every home. Our extensive selection of play food toys and cooking accessories further add to your kids’ experience. Choose from a range of pretend kitchen appliances, fruits and vegetables, cooking utensils, and other add-ons and let their imagination run free. 

For high-quality toddler kitchen sets, cooking toys, and play food, look no further than All 4 Kids. Our pretend kitchens are affordable and durable, and guaranteed to be a hit with your kids. Shop with us online today or get in touch with us at +61 (03) 9357 5981 for any queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are pretend kitchen set good for children?

Pretend kitchen sets are beneficial for children in several ways. They help stimulate their imagination, creativity, social and emotional development, and fine motor skills. These toys are also an excellent avenue for your young ones to learn basic math and science concepts. Pretend kitchen playsets also provide children with the encouragement to explore different food choices and allow them to appreciate the preparation time which can help boost their love for eating healthy.

Are these kitchen sets safe for younger children?

Yes. It is definitely safe for your little ones. These sets are made of the finest, child-safe materials which include non-toxic paints, food-grade utensils, and sustainable wood. The edges are rounded to offer extra protection for your children and reduce the likelihood of cuts and scrapes. Our sets are usually for a bit older kids, however, your younger children can still enjoy these kitchen playsets provided that you are playing with them or watching over them.

What is the best age range for a kitchen playset?

This depends on the specific set and its features. Kitchen playsets are usually recommended for ages 3 and up because children at this age can already follow simple instructions and have the ability to learn about the different uses of kitchen utensils and appliances. Plus, they have better coordination and fine motor skills to navigate the playsets.

Are they durable?

Yes. These pretend kitchen playsets are extremely durable and they can even last a lifetime with proper care. The KidKraft Deluxe Cookware is made of stainless steel and it offers the most realistic experience for your children. The full kitchen sets are also made of sturdy wood that can withstand temperature and humidity. They do not crack easily and are eco-friendly too.

Are they easy to clean and maintain?

They are easy to clean and maintain. Just make sure to use gentle and non-toxic cleaners when you wipe down the dirt. For wooden parts, they can be easily cleaned so you may just use a clean damp cloth to remove dust and other elements. For the food toys and utensils, diluted white vinegar and warm water can do the trick. Avoid using harsh chemicals because they leave residue and can ruin the play set as well as harm your kids.