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  1. Headu Montessori My Little House
    Special Price AUD24.95 Regular Price AUD34.95
  2. Headu Observaction
    Special Price AUD29.95 Regular Price AUD39.95
  3. New Classic Toys Number Puzzle
    Special Price AUD24.95 Regular Price AUD34.95
  4. New Classic Toys Shape Sorter Puzzle
    Special Price AUD22.95 Regular Price AUD29.95
  5. Tender Leaf Toys Monster Lock Box
    Special Price AUD77.95 Regular Price AUD110.95
  6. Smartivity Blast Off Space Rocket
    Special Price AUD23.95 Regular Price AUD37.95
  7. Science4you Spectacular Science Kit
    Special Price AUD24.95 Regular Price AUD29.95
  8. Science4you Coding Lab
    Special Price AUD21.95 Regular Price AUD29.95
  9. Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss - Grey Mesh
    Special Price AUD225.95 Regular Price AUD299.95
  10. Headu Montessori My First Puzzle The City
    Special Price AUD19.95 Regular Price AUD295.00
  11. Headu Montessori Touch ABC
    Special Price AUD19.95 Regular Price AUD24.00
  12. Headu The Human Body Under X-Ray
    Special Price AUD19.95 Regular Price AUD29.95

12 Items of 44


Toymakers know that modern parents and teachers are looking for toys that do more than entertain. To make it in the modern playroom and classroom, toys should also benefit the child playing with them. This is why education toys are so popular - and why nearly every toy category now plays host to them.

Toys for Growing Minds

The human brain does some spectacular growth and development during childhood. Young childhood, in particular, is one of the most important times for growth in the brain. This is why there is such an intense focus placed on learning during these early years.

To make learning more natural and simpler for children and caregivers alike, educational toys are a great tool. They make learning feel like play and make it easy to engage with your child in ways that you might otherwise not have thought to. Based on scientific evidence of how children at different ages and stages of development best learn, these toys are designed to help your child grow, both in body and mind, all while enjoying the process.

So Many Options!

What if your child finds education toys to be boring? The fact is, there are so many options for different types of toys geared toward learning, it’s almost impossible for them to do so. Maybe they don’t like noisy toys that flash, changes colors, or make sounds. This means they might not benefit from toys designed to help build language skills this way, but they may love toys that have printed words for early readers or which are designed for construction and building play. There truly is a toy for every learner!

Looking for the perfect educational toy for your child? All 4 Kids has a wide selection and great deals you’re searching for. From toys designed to build skills to those that help your child think critically while enjoying playtime with friends or siblings, we have what you need to make your playroom into a classroom. Browse our catalog or give us a call today to learn more!

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