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  1. Apple Park Organic Luxury Robbie Raccoon Blankie
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  2. Bubba Blue Bamboo White Cot Waffle Blanket
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  3. Apple Park Organic Luxury Hip Hop Bunny Blankie
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  4. Bubble Dream Blanket - Ollie the Owl
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  5. Bubble Dream Blanket - Whale of a Time
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  6. Apple Park Organic Luxury Suzie Sunshine Blankie
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  7. SKIP HOP Central Park Outdoor Blanket - Grey Feather
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  8. Apple Park Organic Luxury Pirate Pig Blankie
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  9. Apple Park Organic Luxury Ballerina Mouse Blankie
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Your baby is not born with the ability to regulate his/her own body temperature. So, baby blankets are a crucial item for your parenting stockpile checklist. Blanket is one of the safest and coziest spaces for your new born baby. So, before buying a blanket for your baby, you must conduct a thorough research on the type and material of blanket that is required. It may depend on the weather as well as the age of your baby. At All for Kids, you get a wide variety of blankets ranging from Babyhood 100% Cotton Blanket, knitted blanket, Babyhood Polar Fleece Blanket, and more. So, you get almost all types of blankets for your baby online without rushing to various stores.


Things to consider while buying blanket for your baby:

Being an important part of baby’s day-to-day safety, baby blanket should meet all the safety requirements. Apart from this, you must also consider the following tips while buying a blanket for your baby. These will help you to make the right purchase for your budding child.

  • While buying a blanket, you must first ensure that it is soft, supple, easy to clean and a safe item to use with the baby.
  • Try to buy sets of baby blankets in different thickness so that they can be used in various weather conditions.
  • Babies often develop an emotional bond with their blankets. Thus, you must look for blankets that are durable, as they can be used to settle down the child, calm the baby when anxious or to provide a cozy cuddle when he/she goes to sleep.
  • Ensure that the blanket fits in the weather conditions of your location, for example: a Babyhood 100% Cotton Blanket is suitable for summers while a Babyhood Polar Fleece Blanket can be used in colder nights.

Types of baby blankets:

A baby blanket can serve multiple purposes like swaddling or day to day wrapping for baby. For various purposes they utilize different materials and styles. Here are some of the blanket types (based on the purpose of usage) that you generally come across:

  • Receiving Blankets: Mainly used with infants and newborns to cover them or to clean up drools, spits and other baby muddles.
  • Swaddling Blankets: Swaddling blankets are usually used to wrap up and calm down new born babies. Available in various shapes, these swaddling blankets usually measure 42 inches square to make it easier to wrap in a baby.
  • Security Blankets: These are babies’ favorite ones! Babies usually grow up attached to these blankets and feel secure within their presence, which is why these are called security blankets. Usually you can find a stuffed animal attached to this type of blanket making it adorable to the baby. Any type of blanket to which your child is attached – may be up to toddler years – can be your baby’s security blanket.
  • Sleep Sacks: Without the dangers of a traditional blanket that can choke a sleeping baby, these sleep sacks provide comfort and warmth and work as an alternative of conventional blankets on those cold winter nights.

On the basis of the material, these baby blankets can be classified into Fleece Blankets (example: Babyhood Polar Fleece Blanket), Flannel Blankets, Cotton Blankets (eg. Babyhood 100% Cotton Blanket), Crocheted Blankets, Thermal Blankets and others.

At All 4 Kids, you can also find other baby safety products like baby nappy bags, baby monitors, baby strollers online from premium brands without any hassles of rushing across various stores.

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