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  1. I'm Toy Cow Xylophone Bench
    I'm Toy Cow Xylophone Bench
    Special Price AUD34.95 Regular Price AUD39.95
  2. I'm Toy Melody Mix
    I'm Toy Melody Mix
    Special Price AUD94.95 Regular Price AUD114.95
  3. Skip Hop Explore & More Musical Instrument Set
    Skip Hop Explore & More Musical Instrument Set
    Special Price AUD41.95 Regular Price AUD54.95
  4. Hape Stacking Music Set
    Hape Stacking Music Set
    Special Price AUD46.95 Regular Price AUD60.95
  5. Hape Take-Along Activity Box
    Hape Take-Along Activity Box
    Special Price AUD52.95 Regular Price AUD68.95
  6. Hape Mini Band Set
    Hape Mini Band Set
    Special Price AUD67.95 Regular Price AUD88.95
  7. Bigjigs Toys Guitar
    Bigjigs Toys Guitar
    Special Price AUD64.95 Regular Price AUD69.95
  8. Bigjigs Toys Bongos
    Bigjigs Toys Bongos
    Special Price AUD54.95 Regular Price AUD62.95
  9. Bigjigs Toys Wood Drum
    Bigjigs Toys Wood Drum
    Special Price AUD59.95 Regular Price AUD64.96
  10. I'm Toy Cow Xylophone Bench
    I'm Toy Busy Bench
    Special Price AUD39.95 Regular Price AUD49.95
  11. Lamaze Musical Inchworm
    Lamaze Musical Inchworm Plush Toy
    Special Price AUD22.95 Regular Price AUD28.99

Toys that make lulling and soothing music are the favorite musical toys for babies. A toddler may love that instrumental toy that he/she got on the 3rd birthday. Music puts you on, and your baby too – irrespective of the age! Music ignites various perspectives of child development – emotional, social, and intellectual. Exposing your child to music during early development stages help them understand and learn sounds. This in turn helps in psychological and mental development. Various musical toys available in Australia can help your child in reaping all the benefits of music during the early years. From nursery mobiles to rattling toys, from kids’ guitar to flash drums, there are a number of options – you just have to select the one as per the interest of your child.

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  1. Safety 1st Envy Stroller
    Special Price AUD419.95 Regular Price AUD629.00
  2. JOY BABY Comet 4 Drawer Chest of Draw with Change Table - White
    Special Price AUD399.95 Regular Price AUD499.95
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