Best Kids’ Outdoor Playhouses in Australia


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  1. Kidkraft Bancroft Wooden Playhouse
    Kidkraft Bancroft Wooden Playhouse
    Special Price AUD613.95 Regular Price AUD790.95
  2. Plum Deckhouse Wooden Playhouse - Teal
    Plum Deckhouse Wooden Playhouse - Teal
    Special Price AUD664.95 Regular Price AUD699.95
  3. Plum Discovery Nature Play Hideaway
    Plum Discovery Nature Play Hideaway
    Special Price AUD1,234.95 Regular Price AUD1,299.95
  4. ALL 4 KIDS Aiden Huge Cubby House with Slide and Sand Pitch
    ALL 4 KIDS Aiden Huge Cubby House with Slide and Sand Pitch
    Special Price AUD1,899.95 Regular Price AUD2,399.95
  5. ALL 4 KIDS Brooklyn Cubby House with Slide and Sand Pitch
    ALL 4 KIDS Brooklyn Cubby House with Slide and Sand Pitch
    Special Price AUD1,199.95 Regular Price AUD1,399.95

Welcome to our collection of quality kids’ playhouses. Designed to entertain, excite, and delight, children can play for hours on end in their outdoor homes. With our playhouses for kids, outdoor play becomes a journey of discovery and wonder.

At ALL 4 KIDS, our children’s playhouses make imaginative play an exciting adventure! Kids of all ages can role-play and create their own stories, all while spending time outdoors. They're spaces your little one can call their own, fostering a sense of ownership and independence. So, browse our range and choose your little adventurer a playhouse of their own today.


Kids’ Playhouses for Endless Imagination

Outdoor playhouses are the canvas of boundless imagination. These structures are not just houses, but homes that transport kids to magical realms. From charming cottages in enchanted forests to bustling marketplaces and beyond, its four walls have no limits.

Our kids' playhouses at ALL 4 KIDS encourage imaginative storytelling, role-playing, and physical activity, enhancing creativity, motor skills, and social interactions. Furthermore, children develop a sense of ownership at a young age. Providing them with a space that is their own helps develop this integral sense of responsibility.


Kids’ Playhouses in All Styles and Sizes

Kids are all unique and have their own preferences regarding toys. At ALL 4 KIDS, we have outdoor playhouses for kids in a variety of sizes and styles. From traditional wooden outdoor playhouses to modern designs, there is something for every child.

Yard space is also a consideration. Larger outdoor playhouses offer a multi-level play area for kids, for those long summer days. But if you have a smaller garden, our more compact Kidkraft Bancroft Wooden Playhouse is a brilliant option. It is large enough to support up to three children at once, yet compact enough to fit in a backyard nook.


Wooden Outdoor Playhouse Dens

Elevate your child's time in the garden with wooden playhouse dens, such as our Plum Discovery Nature Play Hideaway. Here, your child can embark on countless adventures with the great outdoors. The eco-friendly design even features bamboo wind chimes and guttering, and a built-in planter plot.

The natural design of our wooden outdoor playhouse dens fosters a connection between your little one and nature. It becomes a retreat where children can learn about the environment and develop a love for the outdoors. This connection with nature promotes physical activity and instils a sense of responsibility for the environment.


The Kidcraft Outdoor Playhouse: Our Best-Loved Children’s Playhouse

Introducing the Kidkraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse, a true gem among children's playhouses. Its contemporary design seamlessly blends style and play, creating a captivating space for imaginative adventures. Kids of all ages will adore the fairytale windows, the real working door with a doorbell, and the multipurpose side window.

Inside, your little one can enjoy tea parties at the child-sized table or get creative on the chalkboard. And with premium cedar construction and easy assembly, you'll love this playhouse as much as your child. Capturing the hearts of kids and parents alike, it's a beloved addition to countless homes.


Educational Benefits of Children’s Outdoor Playhouses

Outdoor playhouses blend entertainment and education, making them a valuable addition to your child's playtime. These imaginative spaces provide the perfect backdrop for adventures, all while enhancing cognitive and physical development. Your child is able to refine their motor skills through actions like opening doors, climbing, and arranging their play area.

Furthermore, these playhouses allow kids to practice life skills such as hosting imaginary meals and gathering with friends. Engaging in role play, such as playing house or hosting a tea party, nurtures social skills, promotes teamwork, and helps children develop essential life skills.


Durable and Safe Wooden Outdoor Playhouses in Australia

When shopping for outdoor playhouses for sale in Australia, durability and safety are paramount. Our carefully curated selection of wooden outdoor playhouses withstand the test of time. They're weatherproof and stable, able to endure all elements.

Crafted from premium wood, these sturdy playhouses also offer peace of mind for parents. With solid construction, child-friendly features, and adherence to safety standards, they're a secure haven for playtime adventures. Explore our collection to discover the perfect playhouse that combines durability, safety, and endless entertainment for your child.


Shop for Kids Outdoor Playhouses in Australia Today

Outdoor playhouses for kids are a fantastic addition to any garden. With access to an outdoor playhouse, your child can develop their imagination, motor skills, and social skills. And all whilst having hours of fun and laughter in the process. Friends and family can even join in on the fun, creating lifelong memories that you'll treasure forever.

For high-quality outdoor playhouses in Australia for kids, look no further than ALL 4 KIDS. Our playhouses are affordable, durable, and guaranteed to give your child hours and hours of fun. With a variety of kids outdoor playhouses, there is a playhouse suitable for every child and every garden. You will be sure to find one that is right within our extensive selection.

The fun that can be had in these playhouses is limited only by imagination! So, shop with us online today or get in touch with us at 1300 882 061 for any questions you may have.


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