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  1. All 4 Kids My Happy Family 4 Miniture Doll
    All 4 Kids My Happy Family 4 Miniture Doll
    Special Price AUD19.95 Regular Price AUD29.95
  2. Le Toy Van Starter Furniture Set
    Le Toy Van Starter Furniture Set
    Special Price AUD74.95 Regular Price AUD89.95
  3. Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail Nursery Set
    Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail Study Set
    Special Price AUD49.95 Regular Price AUD69.95
  4. Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail Nursery Set
    Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail Nursery Set
    Special Price AUD27.95 Regular Price AUD39.95
  5. Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail Sitting Room Set
    Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail Sitting Room Set
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  6. Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail Bedroom Set
    Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail Bedroom Set
    Special Price AUD39.95 Regular Price AUD54.95
  7. Tender Leaf Toys Amy with Flexible Limbs & Her Rabbit
    Tender Leaf Toys Amy with Flexible Limbs & Her Rabbit
    Special Price AUD15.95 Regular Price AUD19.95
  8. Tender Leaf Toys Ayana with Flexible Limbs & Her Cat
    Tender Leaf Toys Ayana with Flexible Limbs & Her Cat
    Special Price AUD17.95 Regular Price AUD24.95

Quality Dollhouse Accessories and Furniture

Welcome to a world where small wonders take center stage! At ALL4KIDS, our doll house accessories and furniture collection bring imagination to life in miniature form. Explore our carefully curated furniture sets and tiny doll families, designed to ignite the imaginative spirit of young dreamers.

Whether arranging a living room, a master bedroom, or an outdoor patio, our collection empowers children to embrace their inner storyteller. Let the magic of miniature worlds transport you to a place where dreams come alive, one tiny piece at a time. Imaginative play and creativity start here, so browse through our catalog now!


Dollhouse Furniture for a Miniature Dream Home

No dollhouse is completed without a stunning interior. Furnish your dollhouse with our carefully crafted furniture and home accessories, designed to add charm and elegance to every miniature room. Let your little one’s imagination roam free as they arrange our tiny furniture pieces, lamps, and other furnishings. They can decorate their dollhouse to create their own miniature dream interior.

We have a wide range of doll house furniture for all rooms. Discover our collection of sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and entertainment units to make the living room inviting and cosy. Find adorable beds, dressers, nightstands, and wardrobes to create a snug sleeping haven for the dolls. And complete the dollhouse with a kitchenette and dining set, including tables, chairs, and charming kitchen appliances.


Outdoor & Garden Furniture for Your Dolls

You don't need to limit the fun to the four walls of your dollhouse. Transform the doll's backyard into an exciting outside space with our mini garden sets. For example, we have a greenhouse set and a mini toy farm for budding young farmers and gardeners. By extending the fun outside the small home, the fun never stops!

No garden experience is complete without outdoor dollhouse accessories, either. Hang a tiny swing set for the dolls to enjoy in the garden. Or create a full miniature playground down the road with a tiny slide and other playground equipment. Our mini-toy cars can drive your dolls to the park, the farm, or anywhere else in their make-believe world.


Miniature Dollhouse Accessories in All Styles

At ALL4KIDS, we understand that every child has unique tastes, which is why we offer a range of dollhouse furniture styles. Young designers should style their miniature homes according to their preferences. Our collection helps children experiment and express their creativity when designing their dream dollhouse.

For those who appreciate timeless design and sophistication, our classic dollhouse furniture sets are perfect. For those who prefer sleek aesthetics, our white dollhouse furniture sets are ideal. Or why not encourage your child to let their imagination run free by mixing and matching furniture styles? Combining pieces from different styles can create unique and eclectic dollhouse interiors.


Doll Families and Dollhouse Figures

Your little one needs miniature dolls to be the characters living inside their dream home. From toddlers to grandparents, our collection includes dolls of all ages, enabling children to role-play different family dynamics and relationships. Our doll families come with flexible arms and legs, allowing children to easily act out their stories and adventures.

In addition to our human dolls, we proudly stock the iconic Sylvanian Family figures, featuring the iconic rabbit family. These timeless characters bring a touch of enchantment to your dollhouse world and are compatible with branded furniture. Let your child explore the tales of the Sylvanian Family, blending their stories with the rest of their dollhouse adventures.


Pet Companions and Accessories

Pet toys and accessories inspire caring and nurturing behaviour in children. They take on the role of pet owners for their dolls, fostering empathy and compassion—even in a miniature world. We stock a collection of tiny pet toys for your kid. From playful kittens and loyal puppies to adorable rabbits, let them bring their favorite animals into their dollhouse stories.

If your little one is a true animal lover, we also have various pet accessory sets in our dollhouse accessories collection. Buy a cozy dog kennel and miniature pet bowls to ensure the toy dog is well-fed and comfortable. For bunnies and guinea pigs, opt for our miniature rabbit hutch, complete with toy carrots for additional fun at feeding time.


Dollhouse Accessories for Imaginative Play

Dollhouse accessories and furniture encourage imaginative play, a fundamental aspect of child development. It helps children think creatively and solve problems within the context of their stories. Our miniature pieces transform a dollhouse into a vibrant, interactive world, offering a canvas for creativity that nurtures essential skills.

For example, arranging dollhouse accessories helps develop fine motor skills as children manipulate and position tiny furniture. Playing with dollhouse families and pets helps children understand emotions and social dynamics, promoting emotional intelligence. And kids enhance their vocabulary, sentence construction, and communication skills as they engage in stories with their dolls.


Wooden Dollhouse Accessories Designed to Last

At ALL4KIDS, we aim to offer doll house furniture and accessories that are durable, long-lasting, and safe. That's why we've chosen wood as our primary material. It not only has timeless charm and elegance but also stands the test of time. This ensures countless stories and adventures within the dollhouse walls, some of our toys lasting multiple generations.

Safety is also paramount when designing toys for children. Wood is a natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly material, making it a safe choice for young ones. We treat and finish our wooden dollhouse furniture to ensure a smooth surface. It's also free from any harmful chemicals, sharp edges, or small parts, providing a worry-free play experience for children.


Shop Our Dollhouse Accessories Range Today

A dollhouse is more than just a collection of miniature furniture—it's a boundless world of possibilities and adventures. Children can design and decorate rooms, create family dynamics, organize gatherings, and even stage magical or real-life scenarios. The dollhouse becomes a reflection of their creativity and an expression of their ideas and dreams.

Why not start the fun today? With our thoughtfully crafted dollhouse accessories and furniture, your children can embark on a journey of imagination, creativity, and self-expression. Every piece is an invitation to weave tales, design living spaces, and embrace the magic of play. And at ALL4KIDS, our vast collection will satisfy little girls and boys of all ages and preferences.

Invest in a dollhouse, fill it with miniature furniture and figures, and let the adventures begin! Explore our full collection for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, gardens, and more, and shop with us online for delivery throughout Australia. Contact our team at 1300 882 061 if you have any questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes does dollhouse furniture come in?

The standard size for our dollhouse furniture is a 1:12 scale. For example, an adult doll typically measures around five inches, a sofa around four inches, and a bed around six. You can find more information on the dimensions of our dollhouse accessories on the individual product category pages. 


What age is appropriate for dollhouse play?

Dollhouse play can be enjoyed by kids aged three to nine—or whenever your child outgrows it. As your little one gets older, they can act out more complex narratives. This makes purchasing quality dollhouse accessories a worthwhile investment, as they can last six or more years of playtime. 


Are your dollhouse furniture and accessories made from safe materials?

Yes, our dollhouse furniture and accessories are made from safe materials. We primarily stock wooden dollhouse accessories as wood is durable, non-toxic, and easy to clean. The toys in our collection also have no sharp edges or other dangerous elements that could harm your little one. 


Do the dollhouse accessories come with a warranty?

At ALL4KIDS, all our toys come with the Australian standard 12-month warranty for furniture and private household use unless otherwise stated on the listing. Refer to the “warranty” section on the individual product pages for more information on your cover. 


What types of dollhouse accessory sets are available?

We stock a range of dollhouse accessory sets, including furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, outside spaces, and more, available in various styles. You can also purchase multiple doll families and pets to act as the characters in your little one’s stories.