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  1. Sylvanian Families Kitchen Cookware Set
    Special Price AUD10.95 Regular Price AUD14.95
  2. Sylvanian Families Triple Bunk Beds
    Special Price AUD13.95 Regular Price AUD16.95
  3. Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set
    Special Price AUD19.95 Regular Price AUD24.95
  4. Sylvanian Families Baby Crib
    Special Price AUD9.95 Regular Price AUD12.95
  5. Sylvanian Families Double Pushchair
    Special Price AUD9.95 Regular Price AUD12.95
  6. Sylvanian Families Bath & Shower
    Special Price AUD15.95 Regular Price AUD20.95
  7. Sylvanian Families Refrigerator Set
    Special Price AUD12.95 Regular Price AUD14.95
  8. Sylvanian Families Children's Bedroom Set
    Special Price AUD24.95 Regular Price AUD30.95
  9. Le Toy Van Starter Furniture Set
    Special Price AUD67.95 Regular Price AUD89.95
  10. Le Toy Van Sweetheart Cottage With Furniture
    Special Price AUD169.95 Regular Price AUD184.95
  11. All 4 Kids Wooden Doll House Furniture Miniature 6 Rooms & 4 Dolls Set
    Special Price AUD79.95 Regular Price AUD119.95

12 Items of 12

Buy Doll House Accessories And More At All 4 Kids

If you have a daughter, you're probably well aware that buying a dollhouse for your child is never enough. Along with the dollhouse, there's usually a market for dolls, dollhouse accessories, and more. We have the best Doll House Accessories for kids at All 4 kids, including small furniture to perfectly furnishing the house. These are miniature furniture. Usually, around 10cm in length or height to perfectly fit the dollhouse.

Give the best Doll house accessories to your daughter.

We're passionate about Dolls house accessories, and we want to help you get your dolls' house to life.

Dollies play a significant role in their emotional growth, as female children are affectionate and considerate by nature. Mothers will unquestionably use these adorable ones to teach their children some positive values and etiquette. Seeing your girl proficiently handle her baby doll can also help parents understand her area of interest. She may be a potential designer or some artistic genius, or an aspiring makeup artist. It is this, but dolls also help the young mind improve their other skills, such as motor and cognitive abilities.

Our cute dollhouse will amaze your Lil’ Girl

If you want to create a festive and enchanting terrarium or garden spectacle, you are in for a treat, need to furnish and accessorize your dollhouse or want to craft some miniature theme scene shadowbox or diorama. We also have countless other toys for your kids, in addition to the dollhouses and dollhouse accessories.

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