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Bigjigs Toys is popular for making the best eco-friendly toys that entertain kids and encourage their creativity. Families have loved and trusted our brand for the past 35 years. Through the variety of toys we provide, we hope to give youngsters enjoyable and educational play experiences.

We provide solutions that promote learning and inspire the imagination, ranging from innovative playsets to classic wooden toys. We are committed to making toys that make people smile and remember moments of joy, Bigjigs knows what kids and parents love to use.

Why Bigjigs Stand Out?

Bigjigs is a most loved brand among parents and children for wooden toy products. Here are the reasons for this:

Commitment to Quality

Bigjigs is committed to making high-quality kids' toys to ensure durability. Parents can trust that these durables toys are completely safe and will last long.

Educational Value

Bigjigs toys have great educational value. These pretend play toys help kids learn various basic abilities that are new to them. It includes learning colours and shapes with puzzles and developing skills with building blocks.

Imaginative Play

Bigjigs toys inspire children's creativity and imagination. Bigjigs toys inspire kids to utilise their imaginations. Whether they are building sets, train systems, or playsets like dollhouses and play kitchens.

With Bigjigs' wide range of pretend toys, children can enjoy creative games. Pretend toys, such as play kitchens or dress-up sets, allow children to role-play. It promotes creativity and social development.

Collection of Toys

Pretend toys

Bigjigs’ pretend toys unlock a world of learning and fun. Imagine playing with wooden food and kitchen sets like tea bags, ice cream cart, and food mixer. You can pretend to cook yummy meals just like real chefs. And don't forget about the hobby horses - they're perfect for going on exciting adventures without ever leaving your room.

With construction toys and playsets, you can build anything you dream of. Whether it's building towering buildings or creating your own little world, the possibilities are endless.


Education toys

Discover a world of fun learning with our collection of educational toys and games. These toys are like secret agents for your brain, helping it grow while you play.

Need help with times tables? Our math toys, like Abacus, will make numbers your best buddies. And if you want to become a wordsmith, our literacy toys are here to help you conquer the world of words.

Got a little musician in the making? Our toy instruments will let them rock out while learning about music. If you want to explore the tiny world our magnifier glass will be your perfect companion.

No matter how old your children are or what they are interested in, there's a toy waiting to make learning super fun!


Toy walkers

Our walkers are specially designed for babies who are ready to take their first steps but still need a little support.

Bigjigs walkers have a strong frame with wheels and a handle for your baby to hold onto as they practise standing and moving around. We also have walkers with fun toys or activities attached to keep your little ones entertained.

With a walker, your baby can build up leg muscles, improve balance, and gain confidence as they start to walk. Every step with our wooden activity walker is like a mini adventure.


Train track

Bigjigs Toys' Wooden Railway track is here to encourage the imagination of your child. Made from safe materials, these durable wooden trains and sets are perfect for little hands.

Choose from a variety of sets, like the Low-Level Track Expansion Pack or the City Train Set and Table. Each set offers a different adventure, from city streets to magical fairy towns.
Get ready for excitement with Bigjigs train set.

Musical toys

Introduce your little ones to the world of music with our collection of musical instruments designed just for kids and toddlers. We have drums, xylophones, toy guitars, and bongos. We offer a wide variety of musical toys that will inspire their love for music, creativity, and imagination.


Stacking and Sorting toys

Discover our fun toys that help kids learn. We have lots of toys that you can stack and sort. They come in many colours, shapes, and sizes. Some are easy, and some are a bit harder. From wooden rainbow stacker to soft blocks, these toys help kids learn and grow. They're great for helping kids solve problems.



We have lots of fun stuff, like games and puzzles, for everyone. There are things like music boxes, cube books, skittles, and spinning tops. These are perfect for gifts or just having fun. There are games for playing with friends or puzzles to challenge your brain.

The Best Quality

Bigjigs toys incorporate eco-friendly materials, showing our love for the Earth. They are super strong and last for years, even with lots of playing. We use sustainable goods to ensure our toys are considerate of the Earth.

Bigjigs toys are tough, so your kids can enjoy them for years and years. We are ready to guide you anytime on a business day.

Create Lasting Memories with Bigjigs

Make memorable memories with Bigjigs toys. They are fun and teach various educational lessons to kids. Get educational toys, kitchen play toys, and much more for your kids to make playtime awesome and help them learn new things. You can return unopened items within 30 days by mentioning the variant's ID.


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Check out all the Bigjigs toys on our website or at stores near you. Let's play and learn together!


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  1. Bigjigs Toys FSC Triangular Activity Centre
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Triangular Activity Centre
    Special Price A$57.95 Regular Price A$72.95
  2. Bigjigs Toys Chef's Set
    Bigjigs Toys Chef's Set
    Special Price A$20.95 Regular Price A$26.95
  3. Bigjigs Toys Vanity Kit
    Bigjigs Toys Vanity Kit
    Special Price A$36.95 Regular Price A$47.95
  4. Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Walker
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Walker
    Special Price A$120.95 Regular Price A$156.95
  5. Bigjigs Toys FSC Noah's Ark
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Noah's Ark
    Special Price A$80.95 Regular Price A$104.95
  6. Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Pull Along Train
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Pull Along Train
    Special Price A$51.95 Regular Price A$66.95
  7. Activity Cube | All 4 Kids
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Cube
    Special Price A$95.95 Regular Price A$123.95
  8. Bigjigs Toys FSC Rabbit Stacking Rings
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Rabbit Stacking Rings
    Special Price A$24.95 Regular Price A$28.95
  9. Bigjigs Toys Two Hand Magnifier Glass
    Bigjigs Toys Two Hand Magnifier Glass
    Special Price A$32.95 Regular Price A$41.95
  10. Bigjigs Toys Abacus
    Bigjigs Toys Abacus
    Special Price A$26.95 Regular Price A$34.95
  11. Portable Farbic Bedroom Storage Wardrobe Unit
    Bigjigs Ice Cream Cart
    Special Price A$264.95 Regular Price A$319.95
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