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  1. Bigjigs Toys FSC Triangular Activity Centre
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Triangular Activity Centre
    Special Price AUD57.95 Regular Price AUD72.95
  2. Bigjigs Toys Chef's Set
    Bigjigs Toys Chef's Set
    Special Price AUD20.95 Regular Price AUD26.95
  3. Bigjigs Toys Vanity Kit
    Bigjigs Toys Vanity Kit
    Special Price AUD36.95 Regular Price AUD47.95
  4. Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Walker
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Walker
    Special Price AUD120.95 Regular Price AUD156.95
  5. Bigjigs Toys FSC Noah's Ark
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Noah's Ark
    Special Price AUD80.95 Regular Price AUD104.95
  6. Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Pull Along Train
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Pull Along Train
    Special Price AUD51.95 Regular Price AUD66.95
  7. Activity Cube | All 4 Kids
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Activity Cube
    Special Price AUD95.95 Regular Price AUD123.95
  8. Bigjigs Toys FSC Rabbit Stacking Rings
    Bigjigs Toys FSC Rabbit Stacking Rings
    Special Price AUD24.95 Regular Price AUD28.95
  9. Bigjigs Toys Two Hand Magnifier Glass
    Bigjigs Toys Two Hand Magnifier Glass
    Special Price AUD32.95 Regular Price AUD41.95
  10. Bigjigs Toys Abacus
    Bigjigs Toys Abacus
    Special Price AUD26.95 Regular Price AUD34.95
  11. Portable Farbic Bedroom Storage Wardrobe Unit
    Bigjigs Ice Cream Cart
    Special Price AUD264.95 Regular Price AUD319.95

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  1. Safety 1st Envy Stroller
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  2. JOY BABY Comet 4 Drawer Chest of Draw with Change Table - White
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these toys safe for my kids?

The materials used to create Bigjig toys all meet BS EN71 requirements. Child-friendly paints and lacquer are also used to ensure your little one’s safety. Bigjigs toys are risk assessed and evaluated every step of the way from the design process all the way to store shelving.

Do you offer some safety tips?

It is common knowledge to make sure that the toy you are purchasing is appropriate or suitable for your child’s age. Secondly, you need to regularly check the toys if there are damages that can harm your child such as broken items with sharp edges. With Bigjigs’ high-quality and sturdy toys made of responsibly-sourced premium wood, this is often not an issue, but we still advise you to check on them before giving the toys to your little ones.

What age range are Big Jigs for?

Most Bigjigs toys are suitable for ages 1 and up.

What makes Bigjigs a great choice?

Bigjigs toys made of nature-friendly materials help improve children’s creativity, promote camaraderie with other children, boost their social skills, improve their hand-eye coordination, and develop their problem-solving skills.

The mission is to deliver not just affordable and high-quality toys but to support childhood development through playing, exploration, and fun learning.

Will it last long?

Yes. Bigjigs wooden toys are made to last a lifetime with proper care. It can even be passed down to succeeding generations.