The Art of Play: Discovering Joy with New Classic Toys

New Classic Toys is a well-known toy company that is valued by both parents and children. There is something for every child to enjoy and learn from, including musical instruments and wooden toys. No matter a child's age or developmental stage, New Classic Toys makes sure there is something that will capture their attention.

More than simply a toy company, New Classic Toys is a trustworthy play and discovery partner for kids. Children all throughout the world are delighted and motivated by New Classic Toys because of their classic designs.

Their unwavering safety standards, and commitment to encouraging learning and creativity. New Classic Toys provides a large selection of toys according to children's interests and ages,including all kinds of pretend toys.


Explore our Best Product Range

A wonderful selection of playthings that promote learning and growth, as well as providing pure enjoyment. Our wide range of products engage educational games. Whether you're looking for toys that inspire creativity, promote cognitive development, or simply provide hours of fun, here’s a sample of our greatest range of products: 

Kitchenette - White:

A trendy, tiny new classic toys kitchenette is designed to encourage creative play and teach cooking and kitchen management skills. 

Cutting Meal - Vegetables:

Children can 'chop' and make their vegetable meals with new classic toys cutting meal - vegetables. This helps to develop their physical skills and knowledge of healthy eating. 

Pop-Up Toaster:

An engaging new classic toys toaster that promotes a sense of achievement in everyday play practices while teaching cause and effect. 

Shape Sorter Puzzle:

This new classic toys shape sorter toys are age-old toys that challenges children's ability to recognize shapes. They help solve puzzles by having them match shapes with the proper holes. 

Harbour Line - Container Ship:

From this new classic toys container ship, kids may learn about transportation, logistics. The inner workings of a crowded port when they set sail on this imaginative miniature-form ship. 

Gourmet Ice Cream Set:

Kids can scoop and serve their ice cream combinations, promoting creativity and social interaction. This new classic toy ice cream set offers a sweet treat without the cleanup. 

Engage a joyful and worthwhile educational experience. New Classical Toys makes every toy with durability. Given the brand's dedication to quality, these toys are a wise addition to any child's collection.


Quality and Craftsmanship - Crafted with Precision, Built to Last

We use high-quality materials for New Classic Toys. These materials are eco-friendly, safe, and durable. Designers create them to last for many years of play. By using high-quality materials to guarantee that our toys look beautiful and durable over time. 

New Classic Toys dedicates itself to maintaining the highest safety requirements in its manufacturing procedures. To ensure their toys are safe and meet industry standards, they conduct thorough testing and follow safety regulations strictly. 

Additionally, eco-friendly production methods are a priority for New Classic Toys. The use of sustainable products, cutting waste, and applying energy-efficient procedures help to reduce the influence on the environment.

They make toys that are safe for kids and help to make the world a healthier place. For coming generations to enjoy by putting the environment first.


Educational Value - Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds

New Classic Toys’ products are designed with the educational value and development of children in mind. Our toys help kids learn while they play, making education fun and engaging. By using our toys, children can develop important skills like problem-solving, creativity, and fine motor skills.Here’s how they contribute to unlocking knowledge and empowering young minds:

Promoting Imaginative Play

Toys such as the Ice Cream Set and Kitchenette provide children with a stage on which to act out different situations. This kind of play is important for mental growth because it gives kids the chance to practice making choices. It helps in solving problems in a variety of conditions.

Encouraging Social Interaction

Several toys are suitable for group play, such as the Pop-Up Toaster and the Harbour Line - Container Ship. They support children in developing the social abilities that are essential to success throughout life—sharing, bargaining, and teamwork.

Enhancing Skills

Every toy emphasizes a different skill. For example, the Pattern Sorting device Puzzle improves critical thinking and awareness of space. While the Cutting Meal-Vegetables promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

All things considered, we offer enjoyment as well as useful learning and development tools. That encourages kids' intellectual, social, and mental development.


Customer Satisfaction 

Our dedication to client satisfaction and drive for constant improvement set us apart in the toy marketplace. We guarantee that every toy meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Our brand actively incorporates customer feedback into developing new items and improving current ones.

Understanding the value of post-purchase support, we go above and beyond to resolve customer issues. And create a pleasant experience, and promote long-term devotion. This customer-focused strategy focuses on educational value and developing abilities. Through creative and interactive play, it confirms New Classic Toys' standing as a reliable brand for parents and kids. 

Shop New Classic Toy at ALL 4 KIDS NOW

New Classic Toys Australia is an outstanding symbol of enjoyment and education in the toy industry. Their dedication to skillfulness guarantees that every toy is not only kid-safe, long-lasting, and beautifully made.

Designers created these toys to help kids learn and develop skills through creative play, enhancing their educational value. The wide range of toys promotes social interaction, creativity, and problem-solving skills in kids of all ages. Now, parents can trust that these toys will not only entertain but also contribute to their child's development. With New Classic Toys, playtime becomes a valuable learning experience.

Experience the Magic of New Classic Toys for Your Child Now!

Discover our wide selection of products made to capture children's interest. At ALL 4 KIDS We promote exploration, and inspire creativity in all age groups with New Classic Toys.

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  1. BABYZEN YOYO² stroller frame only - White
    New Classic Toys Shape Sorter Puzzle
    Special Price A$22.95 Regular Price A$29.95
  2. BABYZEN YOYO² stroller frame only - White
    New Classic Toys Number Puzzle
    Special Price A$24.95 Regular Price A$34.95
  3. BABYZEN YOYO² stroller frame only - White
    New Classic Toys Sushi Set
    Special Price A$35.95 Regular Price A$44.95
  4. BABYZEN YOYO² stroller frame only - White
    New Classic Toys Pop-up Toaster - White
    Special Price A$44.95 Regular Price A$54.95
  5. New Classic Toys Kitchenette - White
    New Classic Toys Kitchenette - White
    Special Price A$185.95 Regular Price A$220.00
  6. New Classic Toys Cafe Bon Appetit
    New Classic Toys Cafe Bon Appetit
    Special Price A$159.95 Regular Price A$199.95
  7. New Classic Toys Cutting Meal - Vegetables
    New Classic Toys Cutting Meal - Vegetables
    Special Price A$35.95 Regular Price A$44.95
  8. New Classic Toys Barge with 2 containers
    New Classic Toys Barge with 2 containers
    Special Price A$74.95 Regular Price A$104.95
  9. New Classic Toys Rainbow Crocodile Puzzle
    New Classic Toys Rainbow Crocodile Puzzle
    Special Price A$39.95 Regular Price A$44.95
  10. New Classic Toys Wheely Farm Animals
    New Classic Toys Wheely Farm Animals
    Special Price A$28.95 Regular Price A$39.95
  11. New Classic Toys Wheely Safari Animals
    New Classic Toys Wheely Safari Animals
    Special Price A$28.95 Regular Price A$39.95
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