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Looking for a baby changing table, change pads, and other changing accessories? Find everything you need here at ALL 4 KIDS. We give you a great range of products that make nappy changes comfortable for your baby and stress-free for you. From a durable waterproof cotton cover to a convenient draw chest with a built-in changing table pad and everything else in between, we’ve got you covered.

Make Changing Easy & Chaos Free

A baby’s chuckle is the sweetest melody for parents, but this can quickly change into a heart-wrenching and ear-piercing cry when it’s time to change nappies or clothes. Well, I bet you’d cry too if you were laid on an uncomfortable place when you already feel quite discomforted.

Unfortunately, when new parents are preparing to welcome their new bundle of joy into the world, they often overlook the messy hassle of changing diapers. But, on average, parents change their baby’s nappy about 2,500 times in just the first year alone. This means, you’ll be spending 100 hours or more tending to the needs of your little tot. That’s why you should never cheap out when it comes to buying a nappy changing table.

Remember, a diaper changing table with drawers or pad is more than a fantastic accessory – it is a practical tool that keeps nappy changes simple and chaos free. Simply place a change table mat over your nappy change table, lay down your baby on the changing pad, and secure your baby with the safety belt. This easy and straightforward process will ensure your baby is all set and safe to get their diaper changed. You can even use it while dressing your little one after their bath!

Choose the Right Change Table for You and Your Baby

With all the changing tables available in the market, choosing the best one can be a challenge. You’d have to check for stability, quality materials, and solid construction, among many other factors. Test for balance and sturdiness by applying a reasonable amount of pressure and giving it a firm shake. Check the workmanship to ensure that all surfaces and edges are smooth, straps are securely attached, and hinges or drawers are baby proof. For your baby’s comfort and security, look for a change table with adequate padding and appropriate side barriers. For your convenience, choose one that comes with built-in drawers or storage spaces, like the Joy Baby Change Table.

Aside from the safest and most convenient, the best change table is the one that meets your specific needs. It ensures comfort for both you and your baby while meeting all your other requirements, such as style and flexibility.

Our Change tables come in varying heights, so you can find one that is proportional to your height. This will save you from back pain through hundreds of diaper duties. If you need more mobility, get one with stable wheels so you can easily move the changing table from one room to another. Just make sure to get one with an effective locking system to prevent accidents. With the variety of changing tables at ALL 4 KIDS, you can easily find the right style that suits you best. Then place your order online and have it delivered straight to your home.

All You Need in One Change Table

At ALL 4 KIDS, you can buy a stylish chest of drawers with a built-in baby change table topper that makes changing easy and convenient. This type of drawer chest not only keeps your baby safe while changing diapers or clothes but also provides you with ample space to store your little angel’s essentials.

Our Change tables do have side barriers and pad straps that can keep babies from falling off. While these minimise the chances of falls, they do not completely prevent them. With the Joy Baby Change Table, you’d never have to leave your baby unattended. With all the drawers and shelves keeping all necessary items within reach, you won’t have to clamber for a lotion or towel elsewhere. You’d be able to always keep one hand on your baby while they are on the changing table.

Most importantly, all Joy Baby Change Tables include anti-tip sets and cushioned corners to enhance safety. Moreover, all finishes are 100%-free of toxins keeping babies completely safe from harmful compounds.

The ease of using our nursery furniture changing table will make it an essential part of your everyday routine. You’ll soon discover that changing diapers or clothes on a change table with drawers and a pad is much easier than on the crib, floor, or sofa! Once your baby is heavier than 30 pounds or is too big for the change table, stop using it for nappy changes. If your change table comes with built-in cabinets, you can convert it to an organiser that keeps blocks, puzzles, stacking cups, and other toys in place.

Ensure the Safety of Your Little One While Diaper Changing

By changing diapers on the right-sized baby change table over a change table pad, you can make sure your baby stays still and doesn't try to crawl away. It can also serve other purposes, such as massaging, drying, or redressing your baby after a bath.

Choose an affordable nappy change table that's sturdy, safe, and spacious. Check for anti-tip mechanisms and attached safety belts to keep your little one secure. Look for drawers or shelf space where you can stack most of your baby’s diapering essentials. Get one with a gentle change table mat like the Joy Baby Change Mat, which is one of the best options available online.

All change tables with drawers available at ALL 4 KIDS have been thoroughly tested for sturdiness and come with a manufacturer guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. They come with anti-tip sets, cushioned corners, and a 100% toxin-free finish. In addition to changing tables, ALL 4 KIDS also provides you with many other products, such as travel cots, baby rockers, kids’ slides, kids’ teepees, and much more.

Mess Free Diaper Changing with Baby Change Mats

To ensure the diaper changing process is as gentle as possible on your baby, we only stock mats that are made from the best quality materials. From soft touch vinyl to high density foam, our mats are specially designed to simplify diaper changing and make things less messy. They come in a wide range of sizes and colours from minimalist neutrals to vibrant nursery prints.

Nursery prints are available for our Joy Baby change mats online, along with quality packaging that makes them convenient to use and store easily. We also offer made-to-order sizes to cater to your unique requirements.

Consult with Our Specialists Today

Should you have any questions or feedback about purchasing a diaper changing table or change table mat, consult with our specialists by calling 1300 882 061 or sending us a message online.


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