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  1. Boon Grass Drying Rack
    Special Price AUD19.95 Regular Price AUD34.95
  2. Oxo Tot Bottle Brush With Nipple Cleaner And Stand - Teal
    Special Price AUD16.95 Regular Price AUD19.99
  3. Boon Span Dishwasher Net
    Special Price AUD9.95 Regular Price AUD16.95
  4. Oxo Tot Space Saving Drying Rack
    Special Price AUD44.95 Regular Price AUD59.95
  5. Boon Lawn Drying Rack
    Special Price AUD26.95 Regular Price AUD49.95
  6. Boon Clutch Dishwash Basket - Green/White
    Special Price AUD12.95 Regular Price AUD24.95
  7. Boon Forb Mini Silicone Dish Brush - Blue
    Special Price AUD9.95 Regular Price AUD15.95
  8. Boon Forb Mini Silicone Dish Brush - Pink
    Special Price AUD9.95 Regular Price AUD15.95
  9. Boon Patch Drying Rack
    Special Price AUD17.95 Regular Price AUD34.95
  10. B.Box Drying Rack - Apple
    Special Price AUD13.95 Regular Price AUD17.95
  11. Boon Forb Plus with Detergent Dispenser
    Special Price AUD8.95 Regular Price AUD14.95

11 Items of 11

Kids dish cleaning accessories – clean those tiny utensils easily

Cleaning those teeny-weeny dishes might not be a very convenient option. To make it an easier chore, you can use some dishwashing accessories that are especially designed for the kids. Mini Silicone Dish Brush, Suds Bottle Washer, Prince Lionheart Infant Dishwasher Basket, Oxo Tot Bottle Drying Rack, etc. are some of the kids dish washer accessories available at All for Kids. These accessories are specially designed for kids and provide the maximum level of hygiene and care to the kids’ utensils including nipples, spoons, straws and more.

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