8 Cool Bathing Toys That Toddlers Will Love

14/07/2017 10:00 AM

Laughing, chuckling, splashing and reiterating joyous words or phrases – bathing is an immensely pleasant and enjoyable time for toddlers! Yes, watching the little feet and hands flip-flopping in joy while taking bath is a joy to behold. This excitement goes up if the toddler is really fussy about taking bath. While most of the toddlers love playing in water, some of them become really gloomy even at the thought of bathing.

There is a pretty cool resolution for you! Throw in some little pieces of joy in water and the fussy mood of your toddler will upsurge to an express delight. But not just any bathing toy will do all the good! Your little one deserves the best. So, you need to pick one of the best bathing toys available in the market and turn your toddler’s bathing time into a cheerful, amusing and witty bathing time! We have picked 8 cool bathing toys that will turn on your toddlers’ humor and make your bundle of joy really witty:

  • 1.Water Bugs with Net:
  • For some weird reason, toddlers love bugs. So, what if your little one gets a bug shaped bath toy? These bugs float around the water and your toddler gets to scoop them with a net! Helping to build the hand eye coordination, this toy also develops toddlers’ concentration.
  • 2.Seaside Pour & Play:
  • The fun quotient during bath time really spikes up if your toddler finds extra entertaining toys on a bar that is suctioned onto the side of the bath! Your loved one can squeeze out water with the fish, frog or the duck, scoop water on the funnel, pour it on the sun to watch it spin. This is a complete fun zone for toddlers while bathing.
  • 3.Bathtime Bubbles Whale:
  • A cute whale with bubble blowing technology releasing bubbles in time accompanied with chirpy and cheery sounds and music! Taking the interest level to the ridge, the push buttons are in the shape of five big bright colored animals!
  • 4.Bath Dunkers:
  • Toddlers learning basketball while bathing! Yes, this is the idea behind these basketball bath dunker toys. Your little ones may play it alone or together, making this toy a perfect go for the siblings!
  • 5.Bath Crayons:
  • Toddlers love colors, and for the same reason, they love crayons! What if they could paint their imagination on the bathroom walls, floors and even on the bathtub? The idea becomes more fascinating if you can easily wipe it all off! Bingo! These amazing bath crayons do so! So make the bath world colorful for your loving one and give wings to her imagination!
  • 6.Octopus Ring Toss:
  • Sprinkling water all over your toddler’s head! Yes, this is how this octopus ring toss engages your little bundle of joy! This super cute octopus come with some perky colored rings, which means it can also be used as a ring toss game!
  • 7.Deep Sea Fishing
  • Fishing sitting at home… that too in the bathroom! The thought even excites us – the grownups! With this bathing toy, your toddler will do some fishing, but instead of fish the little one will fish out alphabets. A great fun way to get them acquainted to letters!
  • 8.Bathing Puzzles:
  • Available in various shapes, sizes and patterns, these bathing puzzles will keep your bathing beauty engaged. These bathing puzzles stick together when wet and are fun to solve on the side of the bath or tiles.

Bathing toys are a good idea even for the “angel toddlers”. They inspire their growing brains, enhance their level of delight and are super entertaining too! Just keep rotating various toys so that your little angel is not bored of any of these fun toys!

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