Kids Electric Cars - Things to Consider in Motorized Ride on Car

16/03/2018 4:29 PM

There are different types of ride on cars today, including the traditional push and pedal vehicles, but the electric version is gaining popularity with parents who want a high-end stylish toy for their kids. The motorised kids’ car is fun for kids to drive while providing them with hours of entertainment. It can be an educational toy that encourages exercise, creativity, independent play, and coordination, enhance mobility, build confidence, and let your kids play outdoors. However, there are certain things you must consider when choosing the right car:


  • Make sure it is safe – Regardless of what type or size they are, kids electric cars must be manufactured and assembled with the child’s safety in mind. Look for safety features that will minimise incidents of falling, tipping, and hitting obstacles. Make sure there are brakes, but if they do not have them, the ride on car must have a feature that lets you adjust the maximum speed. Batteries must be positioned in a place that children cannot reach, even when they try. More importantly, the motorised kids’ car must come with a seatbelt.
  • Buy safety gear – Make your child wear protective gear, especially when he wants to play outside. Consider basics like a helmet, a reflective vest, and elbow and knee pads. Remember never to leave children unattended while they are playing with ride on cars.
  • Make sure it is appropriate for your child’s age – Battery-powered kids electric cars are good for children ages three years or older. Take note of their age. Toddlers may be able to steer, but lack the reflexes to prevent collisions. Older kids could handle faster speeds, but must be taught to be wary of hazards.


  • Choose something your child will like – Look for a motorised kids car in a colour or style that your child will love, so he will not get tired of it sooner. You may want to consider your child’s individual needs and interests, too. For instance, if he likes self-propelled toys like scooters and tricycles, he might not be interested in an electric kids’ car.
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