10 Tips on Organizing Your Nursery

Organizing Your Nursery
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10 Tips on Organizing Your Nursery

10 Tips on Organizing Your Nursery

As an expectant mum, you want to create a stress-free and comfortable space to nurture your little one. But you also want this space to be practical and functional to avoid clutter.

The best way to do this is to develop an organization system that’s unique and perfect for you. It is also a good idea to organize the nursery before your baby is due; it’ll give you plenty of time to design this special space the way you want it.

This handy guide will walk you through some of the most important aspects of organizing this room. Explore our 10 tips on organizing your nursery. These fun and practical additions will create a warm, comforting, and functional space for you and your little one.


10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Nursery

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What better way to experience the joy of imminent motherhood than by putting the nursery together. It is not only fun but can also be therapeutic in the months leading up to the big day.

Our 10 tips on organizing your nursery will help reduce clutter, save time spent putting away and finding what you need, and let you focus on your little one. Let’s dive right in!

1. Optimize Your Nursery Space

Bumping into furniture and not finding something when you need it are not uncommon in a nursery. But, with a little planning and attention to detail, you can ensure you have a place for everything and that everything’s in place.

You want to create and maintain a space you can comfortably move around in. When planning your nursery’s layout, three distinct areas should come into play:

Nursing Area

The nursing area isn’t complete without a comfortable armchair. Choose one that isn’t too low; you don’t want to struggle to sit and stand after every feeding session, especially with a baby in hand. Plush armrests will allow you to rest your arms as you nurse your baby. You’ll also want an armchair that lets you rhythmically rock back and forth. The nursing area can even double as a reading nook where you can bond with your baby after a feeding session. Complete this nook with a footstool to prop your feet on.

Sleeping Area

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Moving a hand-me-down or vintage cot into the nursery might seem like a lovely idea, but ensure it meets safety standards. Choose a firm cot mattress and light bedding for warmer months. Keep slightly thicker bedding in storage for when it gets nippy. Place the cot away from the window to avoid hazards with curtains, rods, and excessive sunlight exposure. Instead, place the nappy changing table next to the window where there’ll be plenty of natural light.

Nappy Changing Area

Nursery furniture such as a change table will simplify and speed up nappy changes throughout the day. What you want is a change table with drawers (so you won’t need a separate chest of drawers for storage) to neatly organize and easily access nappies, cleaning essentials, breast-pumping gear, feeding accessories, and even clothes. An overhead or standalone lamp will also amplify lighting.

2. Storage Accessories

We understand the frustration that comes with misplaced things, especially baby paraphernalia! Storage accessories make it super easy to put away items in their designated places. Here are some of our favourite essentials that effortlessly create more space, minimize clutter, and will take your nursery organization to the next level:

  • Wire or bamboo baskets: A minimalist addition to a nursery for storing baby wipes, nappies, and other baby essentials within reach on a change table.
  • Label tags or printed labels: To quickly identify compartments and items at a glance.
  • Collapsible storage cubes: Perfect for creating additional storage space under the crib or on top of or under a wardrobe.
  • Wall-mountable hooks: Ideal for mounting towels, swaddles, or other baby accessories.


3. Floating Shelves

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Use floating shelves to start a small library of books for your baby. These shelves take up less floor space and are a chic alternative to traditional bookshelves. Mount a set of three to four floating shelves spaced 15 to 18 inches apart for easy stacking and accessibility.

Besides books, you can also place decorative items for display and even a small music speaker to play soothing tunes. Spread out these items across the set of floating shelves to create an attractive aesthetic.

4. Fabric Drawer Dividers

Designed to keep things organized in a fuss-free way, fabric drawer dividers are an amazing addition to a nursery room! You won’t have to worry about things getting mixed up in a drawer ever again. They help create dedicated sections for baby’s clothes, from nappies to mittens, socks, swaddles, and more. Fabric dividers also make it easy to separate items by type and color.

5. Multi-Bin Toy Rack

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With a multi-bin toy rack, you get a handy storage space for your baby’s precious playthings. Label each section by the type of toy to make it easy to locate and put things away. This organizational toy rack will also be easy for your kid to access as they get older. Alternatively, you can invest in a toy chest or box with a lid.

6. Wardrobes

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While drawers are great for storing your baby’s things, a wardrobe offers more space to put away other larger items like playmats, mattresses, bedding, pillow covers, curtains, throw cushions, cushion covers, etc. Plus, as your child grows older, the wardrobe can be used to hold their clothes.

7. Mountable Storage Clothes Rack with Hangers

This is a great alternative to hanging clothes in a wardrobe if you prefer to display your baby’s onesies and outfits on a rack. It can be mounted below floating shelves or beside a change table to create additional, easy-to-access storage. The rack will make it easy to identify and reach for your baby’s clothes when you’re pressed for time.

8. Shoe Rack or Cart

In a nursery, maintaining hygiene will be one of your main priorities. So, it’s a good idea to keep booties and shoes separate from your baby’s feeding essentials and clothes. A shoe rack or an adorable cart on wheels can be great for storing baby footwear in one place.

9. Nappy Disposal Bins

Changing nappies should be a hassle-free experience for mums and dads. Save yourself the trouble of carrying soiled nappies to the kitchen by keeping a nappy disposal bin close to the change table. Nappy bins also keep odours at bay, so you won’t have to worry about lingering smells.

10. Laundry Hampers and Baskets

These will come in handy when you need to wash your baby’s clothes separately on laundry days. Place the hamper close to the nappy changing area to conveniently toss soiled clothes. Buy additional laundry baskets for freshly washed clothing that you can easily separate and organize in the nursery.


Why is Organizing a Nursery Necessary?


Taking care of a new baby can be daunting and stressful, especially for new parents. Therefore, you want to avoid any additional stress from misplaced items, hard to reach areas, and unnecessary clutter.

Here’s how organizing a nursery in advance can make your life easier:

  • Helps create a cohesive aesthetic that supports the layout and practical aspects of your nursery.
  • Creates a comfortable, clean environment for you and your baby.
  • Allows others to move around the nursery easily when you need help with organizing items.
  • Eliminates sticky situations when you need additional storage space to accommodate new baby items or gifts.
  • Helps you keep the place tidy with minimal fuss once everything has been allotted its designated storage space.
  • Allows the nursery to smoothly transition into a kid’s room with all your organizing solutions intact.
  • Helps foster a mindful, stress-free zone for you and your baby during those crucial first few months.


Nursery Organization: A Handy Checklist

While we hope our 10 tips on organizing your nursery will help you put together your baby’s room with ease, the whole process can feel overwhelming.

To make your job easier, here’s a useful checklist to help you make mental notes of items you’ll need to complete your nursery.


●       Label maker

To quickly create labels for storage boxes, baskets, and bins.

●       Extra hangers

As your baby’s wardrobe expands.

●       Fabric storage boxes with handles

A great alternative to wooden or metal baskets. Fabric boxes can be placed practically anywhere.

●       Hanging pocket organizer

To organize socks, feeding bottles, bibs, hair accessories, and baby bath and care products.

●       Wall-mounted photo frames

Helps free up surface space.

●       Double-sided tape

Saves you the hassle of drills and nails and is perfect for hanging drawings and photographs.


There you have it — a complete guide to organizing your nursery efficiently.

Organizing a nursery depends on the room’s interiors, so consider both aspects during the planning process. You’ll want to select storage accessories and nursery furniture that not only complements your vision for the baby’s room but also works well in the space you have.

First, create a checklist of everything you will need and then slowly put together the nursery in your own time before the baby arrives. We’re so stoked about the magical journey you’re about to embark on as a mum! Our 10 tips on organizing your nursery can serve as your go-to guide for putting this special room together like a pro.


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