Kids Room Furniture Checklist: All They Need

kids room furniture
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Kids Room Furniture Checklist: All They Need

Kids Room Furniture Checklist: All They Need

kids furniture


When it comes to interior design for your children’s bedroom, the rules are: there are no rules. With that said, we know that the prospect of designing a kids’ bedroom from scratch can be a daunting task for many parents. After all, creating a beautiful and functional space that your child will love both now and for years to come is quite the task! Children spend a substantial amount of time in their bedroom, whether they are sleeping, playing or working. With this in mind, a child’s space should reflect their unique personalities and interests. However, with the abundance of kids' furnishings on offer, we know it can be easy to get lost in the world of children’s interiors.

While it’s not necessarily as straightforward as it might seem to find the ideal kids’ furniture in Australia, we have some great insider furnishing hints that will help make your kid’s room a place for comfort, discovery and play. From the universal utility of a kids’ table and chair set to the addition of a kids’ bookcase to encourage your child to read at home, there are countless options available to create an environment that is cozy, inspired and most of all fun. Read on and check-out our great ideas for decorating your boys and girls rooms at home!


Kids Furniture Checklist: The Basics of an Ideal Australian Kids’ Room

table and chair


Need a little advice for your kid’s first room? We’ve got you covered. This handy round up of  pro furnishing tips is designed to help you identify your child’s current wants and future needs. Whether you’re starting completely from a blank canvas or setting out to improve upon an existing bedroom, you’ll find a healthy dose of inspiration here!

Before you begin looking at the little details, it’s important to start with the basics of a good kids’ furniture list for your home. These include the following points.


A Top-Quality, Comfortable Bed is Everything

kids bed

Starting out with the ideal bed is crucial before you can look at any other part of the room design. After all, little kids can be a handful at the best of times – let alone when they’re sleep-deprived. So, ensuring you’ve started with an ideal bed is crucial to help your little one get a sound and restful night’s sleep.

The ideal bed should be one that’s large enough to keep your little one contained without worrying about them falling out of bed. Ideally, it should also feature a fun and age appropriate design that they’ll love, too, so that going to bed is less of a chore and more of an exciting experience. If your kids are older, you might want to consider a bed with additional functionality – whether its drawers for storage or bunk beds for siblings and sleepovers.


Premium Wardrobes and Clothes Storage


Once you’ve got the bed in place, you’re in a good position to begin looking at other basics for your little one’s room. Perhaps the most obvious next choice is to invest in wardrobes, cabinets, and clothes storage for your little one. It doesn’t always need to be fancy; for example, coat pegs on the wall may be enough for your child’s coats. Still, most children have a lot of clothes (and go through them very quickly!) so keeping them in the best condition possible with premium-quality storage is often a wise decision.


Blinds and Curtains Across the Windows

happy kids

The third necessity for any kids’ bedroom furniture plan in Australia has to be blinds and curtains. While not part of the furniture, per se, these help add a unique appeal and style to your little one’s room. And, most importantly of all, they help block out the sun, so your little one isn’t woken up any earlier by the low Summer sun than they have to be. Go on – don’t you deserve a lie-in from time to time, too?


Additional Furniture Ideas to Add Some Magic to Your Kids’ Room



At this point, we’ve considered the three basic staples of any children’s room: a quality bed, a wardrobe and clothes storage, and top-class blinds to help them rest easily. But what other kids’ furniture does your home need?


Bedside Tables to Make Sleeping a Little Easier


One of the first additions you may want to consider to add a little magic to your kids’ room in Australia has to be a bedside table. There’s nothing worse than getting woken up overnight, after all, with your little one demanding a drink. Fortunately, with a bedside table, you can ensure they have easy access to anything they might need overnight without risking them going wandering in the dark. Place your little one’s nightlight and clock on the top surface and organize their favorite bedtime stories underneath or in the cubby so you have everything you need conveniently on hand for a successful bedtime.


Finding the Ideal Kids’ Table and Chair Sets

table and chair


Whether they’re doodling, painting, or anything in between, ensuring your little one has the ideal kids’ table and chair set in their room is a great option to consider. These give your child a perfect location to do all of their “work” from – or, for older children, to complete homework – while reducing the risk of messes getting spread all over the floor. A table and chair set is hugely versatile and can be used as a study desk, an arts and crafts activity center, a lego building center, or a board game table.


Kids’ Bookcases to Encourage a Love of Learning

kids bookcase

There’s nothing wrong with kids playing games – but reading is also a vital skill to instill in your little one. With this in mind, investing in a stunning kids’ bookcase can be an excellent way to help with this. We all need to get away from time to time and a cozy reading nook is an excellent place for some quality alone time, with the additional added benefit of encouraging your little one to practise their reading! Not only do kids’ bookcases help your little one keep their books neat and in order, but they can subtly encourage them to spend more time reading as well, which may prove a crucial skill later in life.


Don’t Forget the Toys!

toy box

To create a room your little love will adore, try focusing on the thing they love to do most: play! Creativity is an essential skill, and it’s something that many of us begin to learn as a child. So now is the ideal time to begin fostering creativity in your little one by ensuring they have plenty of toys – ideally with some degree of educational benefit, if possible – to encourage them to use their imagination. Children can naturally be messy by their very nature, so we recommend investing in toy shelving or storage units to encourage them to tidy their toys away after they’ve finished playing.


Steps and Stands for Little People

step stool

If your child is young, they may struggle to reach heights, such as climbing into bed or reaching the highest point of their kids’ bookshelf. With this in mind, wooden steps and stands can be a great way to give young kids a leg up and help them to reach without having to worry about them climbing precariously onto furniture in order to reach their favorite book or toy. Additionally a stool can help them climb up into bed by themselves, brush their teeth and wash their hands at the bathroom sink, or help out in the kitchen at mealtimes.


Other Notable Mentions


The bare minimum basic items of furniture you’ll need to include in a child’s bedroom are a bed, a desk, a closet or chest of drawers, and shelving storage for books, toys and other belongings. In addition to the kids’ furniture ideas we’ve mentioned above, some other Australian furniture and decorations you could consider for your child’s new room may include:

-         Mirrors (ideally non-glass, so there’s no risk of injury)

-         Armchairs

-         Beanbags

-         Cushions

-         Rugs and blankets

-         Shelving

-         Bins

-         Baskets

-         Vanity units

Final Thoughts


Have you been looking for ways to add a little more energy, excitement, and style to your child’s room? Finding the ideal kids’ furniture in Australia can often seem like a struggle, but it shouldn’t have to be this way if you ask us. Even though children are small in size, and often relegated to the smaller rooms in the house, they come with a vast number of belongings and a long list of requirements for their space. However, as we have laid out in this post, with clever planning and the right furniture, you can create a functional and fun bedroom design for your child that will grow with them and their needs through the years.

So, why make life more difficult than it needs to be? For the most gorgeous kids’ furniture, visit our Australian team today, and we’ll do our best to help!


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