4 Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

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4 Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Children spend a significant part of the day in their rooms. It is their personal space for imagination, self-expression, self-discovery, and gradually disciplining themselves. Therefore, every décor item in a child’s room should be a perfect example of a balance between aesthetics and functionality. While the colours, designs, shapes, and textures enhance the look and feel, functionality adds to the utility of your kid’s room. 

Here are 4 ways to gift your child a bright, lively, and artistically arranged space to enjoy everyday moments.


  1.   Themed wallpapers and stickers

Let fantasies come true with a variety of themed wallpapers. A fairyland, a genie world, space, a jungle, an animal kingdom, or favourite cartoon characters, the list of visuals you can choose is too long. However, wall decal stickers are a better option if you are looking for wall decoration options that will stay relevant even when your child grows up a bit. These are removable and budget-friendly too. Choose wallpapers or stickers with a vibrant colour scheme to add that upbeat, peppy vibe to your kid’s room. 

  1.   Quirky furniture 

Furniture adds character to and underlines its intended use in kids’ rooms. Since kids are at the stages of adopting and learning new habits, furniture items work as a visual cue for actions. 

Let us look at furniture essentials that make a child’s room amazing. 

Ø Bed

A comfortable bed that fits adequately in the space available is a good spend. Considering the importance of sound sleep and bedtime reading, a kid-friendly bed is a basic requirement in a kid’s room.  Choose beds that match the theme of your kid’s room. For example, princess beds go well with Cinderella-themed bedrooms for girls. To keep the child safe, buy beds that have round edges and average height. If you are looking for a sharing bed, bunk beds or expandable beds could be useful. With time, kids may outgrow the size of a bed.  Hence, buying an adjustable or a larger bed is a wise decision. You may also use pillow covers and bedclothing that have designs chosen by your toddler. 

Ø Study table and chair

In the beginning, parents may find it harder to get kids accustomed to their study zone. A pair of eye-catching and comfortable table and chair may help here. Kids find these peculiarly designed (for example, a set of kitten-shaped chair and a table) furniture items attractive. In addition, it helps create a dedicated space for learning. To avoid distractions and noise, place the pair a bit away from windows and doors. 

my first kitten table and chair


Ø Storage Spaces 

Bookcases, open shelves, cupboards are quintessential to keep your child’s room organised. The kid-centric and ergonomic designs ensure ample storage space, easy installation, and space-saving features. Storage spaces complement the room décor, so choose items that match the tone of the room. To keep the clutter out of sight, adding chests and drawers is also worth considering. However, buy the ones that are easy to draw and close for the sprightly little hands.

Ø Vanity units

Contrary to what many people believe, vanity units are for both girls and boys. These are essential décor and utility items for teaching self-dressing and personal care to the little ones.  While princess vanity units are common, you can easily get varied designs, colours, and styles that match the child’s preferences and the theme of their room.   

  1.   Lighting 

Lighting, in addition to visual clarity, sets the mood and enhances the décor of a room. Remember, there’s different lighting for every task. In a kid’s room, a light source on the ceiling is to illuminate the entire room. A playfully shaped table lamp helps prevent the strain on the little one’s eyes, and a bedside lamp is for nighttime reading. Sleeping in the dark may leave kids uneasy or even scared. Add night lights or low-power fairy lights to create a soothing and comforting ambience that helps a child sleep peacefully.

  1.   Rugs

Rugs add tone and texture to a child’s room. If, for example, the theme of a kid’s room is happiness. A rug with many smiley faces or “This is my happy place” printed in bursting colours will do the magic.  A quality rug surpasses the three criteria—imagination and preference of the child, durability, and washability. Besides, a rug should be large enough for the kids to walk, play, and run on, otherwise, it loses its purpose.  Choose the shape of the rug based on the room’s layout and other décor elements in your kid’s room. Generally, circular rugs work well for smaller spaces and look unconventional compared to square and rectangular rugs. The latter two options suit spacious rooms better. 

all 4 kids plane rugs


With several factors to consider, styling your kid’s room may feel challenging. However, making room for your kid’s preferences and personality while choosing the décor elements make it an enjoyable experience.

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