Furniture for Kids: Which ones are straight out of a fairy tale?

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Furniture for Kids: Which ones are straight out of a fairy tale?

Almost all kids love fairy tales. Characters from other worlds, witches and warlocks, magic, adventure, and escapades give way to active imaginations and excitement. So, why not let children live and be part of fairy tales in their bedrooms? Today, parents can buy fairy-tale-themed products to bring the book-to-room experience alive for their kids. Are you wondering how you can convert your little one's room into a fairy tale land?

Read this blog for a few ideas on how to create the magic! 

Toy boxes to hold their favourite

Toy boxes allow your young ‘uns to store their favourite toys. You can choose from pull-along cart shaped boxes and closed ones, depending on the theme of the room. Toy boxes are available in varied heights and widths, which makes these perfect for storing the princess Snow White doll or a forest dweller from the Aesop's Fables. Put some cushions and a mini floor mattress near the toy boxes, and you are done. 

To enhance the overall ambience, use wall colours and wall decals behind the toy boxes to match the theme. For example, matte white walls with wallpaper showing a castle and the seven dwarfs will work to make up a Snow White-themed room. 

Theme beds that impress the young ones

A bed is a comfy and snug surface for a good night's sleep. But that is not all. It is the showstopper in any bedroom and plays a significant role in decorating theme-based rooms for children. Let's take a Cinderella or Palace themed room as an example. It is one of the most popular ideas when it comes to decorating kids' rooms.


A place to grow into their best version with tables & chairs

Your kids could be a fan of Hansel and Gretel's adventures in the forest or an avid reader of the Jungle Book. There is a table-chair set for every kind of preference based on the forest-in-a-fairy-tale theme. In addition to beautifying your kid's room, the dedicated space for learning, teaching table manners, and making kids learn to sit in the correct posture, will be more enjoyable.

Since kids grow faster during early childhood, try and look for durable furniture like the My Little Kitten Solid Timber Table and Chair Set. Made of solid rubber wood and American ash wood, this cute table-chair set is a perfect  seating companion for your little darling.


Inculcate a habit of reading with a bookcase

Whether the Sleeping Beauty's Castle or the Wonderland of Alice, there's a dollhouse bookcase for every room depicting a fairy world. Gone are the days when children pasted stickers to add a dash of uniqueness to plain wooden bookcases Today, these are available in various colours, shapes, and space arrangements.

When books are visible right in front of your child, it works as a visual cue for them to pick one up and read. Imagine a giraffe holding the book! Unless a child is a born reader, how likely is your child to take the book tucked in a cupboard or school bag out and read it? The idea of fancy bookcases is to teach self-reading and orderliness to a child, so investing in one is a wise decision. Our advice, stack up the case with a world of fairy tale picture books and pictures.  These designer bookcases work well for both storage as well as roleplay. For example, the multifunctional Veronica Girls Pink Roof Dollhouse Bookcase is a cherry on the top of the dreamlike set-up of a child’s room. 


Buy them a vanity set to teach self-care

Available in various designs and colours, vanity sets not only help amplify the thematic grandeur of the space, but are essential for teaching self-care and grooming to children. For example, Layla Girls Flower Vanity Set with Stool are great for adding a touch of finishing to the recreation of a Rapunzel-themed bedroom or a Disneyworld bedroom. Boys need to learn self-care and grooming and bring them the warrior or soldier. Of course, you want them to love the characters and the vanity. Maybe your lad does not want to spend time on grooming. In that case, vanity can make for a great throne! Just let your mind be as imaginative as your children's. 

Fairy Tale Storage Cabinets

So, you have recreated the Little Mermaid's Atlantica for your daughter or the Pied Pipers' Den for your son. But if it has a pile of clothes, dirty shoes, bathroom slippers, and toys lying around haphazardly  , then the aesthetic value of the décor goes for a toss. 

You may buy a fairy girl clothes hanger unit to help your child keep their room tidy and organised.  binets Available in beautiful pastel shades and striking paintings, these help complete the dreamworld look of your child’s abode. 

Wrapping up

While choosing furniture that appeals to your kid's eyes and mind, prioritise your child's aesthetic sensibilities and literary as well as media-based preferences. The bedroom will become a palace full of stories and adventures with their siblings and friends. Maybe you can snuggle in and create a world of imagination and fun. Remember to create a safe space where they can explore, experiment, and enjoy their everyday lives.

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